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Parent organizationComverse
HeadquartersMelville, New York, US
An Israeli technology company which provides technology relevant to the "war on terror", receiving a lot of government contracts.

Verint Systems was formerly a subgroup of Comverse Infosys, which was run by fraudster and alleged spook, Kobi Alexander. In February 2013, Verint Systems became independent after a buy out.

7/7 Bombings

Full article: 7 July 2005 London bombings

Verint systems took control of London Transport's CCTV 10 months before the attacks, and have so far not released any footage. They claim that none of the relevant cameras were working. In 2008(?)[When?][citation needed] some CCTV footage from mainline railway stations was released showing the alleged bombers.

Other contracts

Verint's RELIANT software allow the monitoring and analysis of voice, video, and data for a "vast number of targets" on all types of large, complex computer networks, for example to gather evidence for CALEA wiretaps.[1] Multiple national governments including the U.S., U.K., and various European, Asian, and Pacific nations have purchased millions of dollars in Verint surveillance software and equipment.[2][3][4][5]

Verint has also received millions of dollars in government contracts to outfit airports, shipping ports, and government facilities with intelligent video surveillance systems with tracking, biometrics, and video analysis features. For example, Unisys chose Verint as a subcontractor on its contract with the Transportation Security Administration, to install video surveillance devices in secure areas of airports across the U.S.[6]