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(spook, whistleblower)
A spook who admits that the UK tortured IRA members in Northern Ireland.

Harry Ferguson is a former MI6 officer who admits that the UK tortured IRA members in Northern Ireland.[1]

“Sadly, my advice today to any aspiring recruit who values the defence of human rights would be to stay away and do something better with their lives. The intelligence services are not what they were. Above all, they have forgotten the lessons that we learned during the struggle against Irish terrorism: that brutality and injustice are not the answer, they simply fuel the next generation of terrorists.”
Harry Ferguson [2]


A Quote by Harry Ferguson

UK/Torture“we don't use torture because it doesn't work. Like the CIA we had to learn the hard way. In Northern Ireland, IRA terrorist suspects were waterboarded in the 1970s. Even using such techniques, it took time to overcome the subject's resistance and by then the intelligence gained was virtually worthless.”Huffington Post
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