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Member ofThe Grayzone, Working Group on Syria Propaganda and Media
Victim ofcensorship
Interests • human rights
• intelligence operations
• propaganda
• capitalism
• deep politics
• UK/Deep state

Dr Tim J. Coles is an academic, independent journalist and deep politics researcher. He co-founded the Plymouth Institute for Peace Research while studying at Plymouth University.[1] He has written for commercially-controlled media including The New Statesman[2] and Newsweek[3], as well as independent media such as CounterPunch[4], The Gray Zone[5], New Dawn[6] and Nexus.[7]


T. J. Coles co-founded the Plymouth Institute for Peace Research (PIPR), "a centre for interdisciplinary research groups and grassroots activists dedicated to peace and justice".[8] His political writings have appeared in the peer-reviewed journals, Peace Review[9] and Ethical Space.[10] In 2013, he was short-listed for the Martha Gellhorn Prize for a series of articles about NATO's destruction of Libya.[11].


Writing "some pretty odd stuff for a journal called Nexus"

His university Email was withdrawn after "a cabal of staff bypassed procedure", inspired by an Email to a university administrator from an unknown party.[12] Until October 2022, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Plymouth's Cognition Institute, where he was studying audio description for blind and visually-impaired people.[13]

"Information terrorist"?

In October 2022, Coles was listed, along with 93 others, by the US-funded Ukrainian military's Center for Countering Disinformation as an "information terrorist" for his Gray Zone-published work on the Russia-Ukraine war.[14] The same month, a cabal of Plymouth University staff led by Associate Professor Jane Grant]][15] successfully conspired to terminate his position without due process, notice, or right of reply,[16] because of unspecified things Coles had written for Nexus.[17]

Censorship of New Dawn article

In January 2023, an article Coles wrote for New Dawn about the Christchurch mass shooting resulted in the magazine being pulled from the shelves of New Zealand retailers for raising questions about whether Brenton Tarrant had acted alone.[18]


Coles has written books on a variety of subjects, including war, neuroscience and economics. His books have been endorsed by, among others, Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, John Perkins, Dr. Susan Blackmore and John Kiriakou.[19]

  • Britain’s Secret Wars (2016, Clairview Books)
  • The Great Brexit Swindle (2016, Clairview Books)
  • President Trump, Inc. (2017, Clairview Books)
  • Voices for Peace (ed.) (2017, Clairview Books)
  • Human Wrongs (2018, Iff Books)
  • Fire and Fury (2018, Clairview Books)
  • Real Fake News (2018, Red Pill Press)
  • Union Jackboot (with Matthew Alford) (2018, Até Books)
  • Manufacturing Terrorism (2018, Clairview Books)
  • Privatized Planet (2019, New Internationalist)
  • Your Brain in Quarantine (2020, Bite-sized Books)
  • The War on You (2020, Ursa Major)
  • Capitalism and Coronavirus (2020, Ursa Major)
  • We'll Tell You What to Think (2021, Ursa Major)
  • Where Does Prejudice Come From? (2022, Ursa Major)
  • Biofascism (2022, Ursa Major)


Documents by T. J. Coles

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Chemtrails - Proof and Purposearticle1 January 2013Chemtrails
An outline of the activities of various agencies of the US UK military in the fields of climate modification by means of high altitude chemical spraying.
Document:The Real Reason Theresa May’s Brexit Has FailedArticle2 March 2019Kenneth Clarke
Theresa May
UK Independence Party
Jeremy Corbyn
Democratic Unionist Party
Jacob Rees-Mogg
European Research Group
Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive
Arron Banks
So, the choice faced by ordinary British people is between a neoliberal EU supported by millionaires like Kenneth Clarke or an ultra-neoliberal Brexit supported by multimillionaires like Jacob Rees-Mogg. Meanwhile, ordinary working-class people pay the price for these elite games, as usual.
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