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Group.png The Pilgrims Society  
(Deep state milieu, Dining clubISGP WebsiteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Pilgrims of GB dinner, 9 January 1951. Flags and logo in background
Pilgrims logo.gif
Formation16 July 1902
LeaderPresident of the Pilgrims Society
Typesecret society
Interest ofJoël van der Reijden, Charles Savoie
Exposed byJoël van der Reijden
Membership• Elizabeth Regina
• HRH Prince Philip
• Charles Windsor
• Nelson Aldrich
• Winthrop W. Aldrich
• John Nicholas Brown II
• Lord Carrington
• John W. Davis
• Charles G. Dawes
• Admiral William J. Crowe
• Chauncey Depew
• Allen W. Dulles
• John Foster Dulles
• Mark Fox
• General Alexander Haig
• W. Averell Harriman
• Joseph P. Kennedy
• Henry R. Luce
• Sandra Day O'Connor
• Henry Kissinger
• Elliot Richardson
• General of the Army George C. Marshall
• Andrew W. Mellon
• John D. Rockefeller
• David Rockefeller
• Elihu Root
• Jacob Schiff
• John Hay Whitney
A very low profile group that has been in operation for over a century and has Elizabeth Regina as its patron. Members include ministers, diplomats, CEOs and others. Who knows what this "dining society" discusses over dinner?...
Pilgrims Society logo. "Hic et Ubique" - "here and everywhere"; apparently a reference to the idea that the United States and Great Britain should stand together side by side everywhere. The eagle represents the United States; the lion Great Britain

The Pilgrims Society is a British-American deep state milieu dining club established 1902. The patron of the society is Elizabeth Windsor.

In so far as the general public are aware of its existence at all, that awareness is, in all probability confined to its established custom of holding dinners to welcome into office each successive U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom and each new British Ambassador to the United States. There is a lot more however to the The Pilgrims Society than simply hosting the odd old-boys dinner party.

"The Pilgrims Society" has only a minor entry at Wikipedia - 400 words as of August 2016.[1] This may be a testament to the influence of established power centers and a certain reluctance to upsetting their wish for privacy.


At the turn of 20th century a number of influential persons were interested in bringing the establishments of the United States and Great Britain closer together. The St. George's Society in New York, the American Society in London, and the growing network of Anglo-American League branches in England (founded by a good number of later Pilgrims Society members), were seen as inadequate, so the idea arose to form a new, elitist society with branches in both London and New York. This became the Pilgrims Society, which organized regular meetings in such prestigious hotels as the Victoria, the Waldorf Astoria, the Carlton Ritz, and the Savoy.

The idea of setting up what ultimately became the Pilgrims Society was first discussed by a number of Americans working in London. One of them was Lindsay Russell, a well-connected lawyer from New York, who regularly visited London in these days to set up his law firm Alexander and Colby. It was Russell who got together with General Joseph Wheeler (on a visit in London), General Lord Roberts, and Sir Harry Brittain. Together they organized the original meeting of the Pilgrims of Great Britain at the Carlton Hotel on July 11, 1902. The meeting was a success and two weeks later Lord Roberts was elected president of the Pilgrims; Lord Grenfell and Admiral Hedworth Lambton became vice presidents. Two other vice presidents were Americans: Senator Chauncey M. Depew (Yale Skull & Bones 1856; lawyer to Cornelius Vanderbilt; member of J.P. Morgan's elite Corsair Club, together with William Rockefeller) and General Joseph Wheeler. Sir Harry Brittain became secretary and the Archdeacon of London, William MacDonald Sinclair, was elected chairman of the executive committee [2]

Pilgrims Society USA

Full article: Pilgrims Society/USA

The first meeting of the Pilgrims of the United States was at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York on 13 January 1903. The Pilgrims of Great Britain and the Pilgrims of the United States have reciprocal membership.


In 1940, John T Whiteford wrote:

"There are several curious things about these Pilgrims functions. In the first place there is present at these dinners an array of notables such as it would be difficult to bring together under one roof for any other purpose and by any other society... Among the guests were John D. Rockefeller and J. P. Morgan, Thomas W. Lamont and other members of the House of Morgan... We are entitled to know what the Pilgrim Society is, what it stands for, and who these powerful Pilgrims are that can call out the great to hear a British Ambassador expound to Americans the virtues of a united democratic front." [3]

Professor Carroll Quigley's seminal 1966 Tragedy and Hope provided a lot more context and exposed the Anglo-American Establishment to an unprecedented extent, but stopped short of naming the The Pilgrim Society. Nevertheless, the following brief passage has been cited as a good precis of The Pilgrims and their objectives:

"[The aim of the international bankers was] nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences."[4]

In 1971, Gary Allen wrote in Nixon, The Man Behind The Mask that "[Elmer] Bobst is listed as a member of the highly secret Pilgrim Society, which is even closer to the inner circle of the conspiracy than the CFR."[5]

The most comprehensive study to date

Most of the internet references to The Pilgrim Society are recent (ie post 2000) and owe much to a seminal study by Joel Van der Reijden originally posted on his ISGP web site. In particular the brief Wikipedia (November 2010) article relegates The Pilgrims to the category of "Dining Clubs" and is restricted to anodyne mention of the ambassadors' dinners custom plus a similarly anodyne claim about its objectives by an American Diplomat. [6]

The ISGP study can be found in the following locations:

Both are highly recommended for anyone seeking to understand Quigley's "Anglo-American Establishment".


Known members

17 of the 28 of the members already have pages here:

Nelson AldrichUS Deep state operative, member of The Money Trust, attended the 1910 Jekyll Island meeting
John W. Davis
Charles G. Dawes
Chauncey DepewUS deep state operative, classmate of two future US Supreme Court Justices, a member of Psi Upsilon, Skull and Bones, Corsair Club, The Pilgrims Society...
Allen DullesDulles served the longest ever term as Director of Central Intelligence and dominated American intelligence for a generation. He personified a cadre of Ivy League pragmatic elitists in high echelons of the government who greatly admired Germany’s scientific achievements.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a> Dulles was fired by JFK after the Bay of Pigs and bore a grudge against him thereafter.
John Foster DullesUS lawyer turned deep politician, brother of Allen Dulles
Alexander HaigAttended the 1978 Bilderberg as SACEUR
W. Averell Harriman
Joseph Kennedy
Henry KissingerUS deep politician, 40+ Bilderbergs, Nobel peace prize, war criminal
Henry Luce
Charles Mountbatten-WindsorUK royal whose first wife documented her anxiety, two years before she died in a car crash, that he would have her killed in a faked car crash.
David RockefellerUS deep politician. CFR founder. Only person to attend over 50 Bilderberg meetings.
John D. RockefellerCo-founder of the massively influential Standard Oil Company, and patriarch of the Rockefeller family which played a central role in the US deep state for more than a century.
Elihu RootUS deep politician. A member of J. P. Morgan's Corsair Club.
Jacob Schiff
John Hay WhitneyBillionaire active investor, U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom 1957-61


Related Documents

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Pilgrims Society Address 2002speech28 November 2002Richard BoucherFull of platitudes and the obligatory quotations from politicians past to bolster and confirm the essential righteousness of the Pilgrims present. Probably a fairly typical address to The London Pilgrims by a US Embassy Official, but hard to read without squirming at the delusional sanctimonious arrogance it exudes.
File:Pilgrims.pdfessayDecember 2004Charles Savoie"The Pilgrims Society is a cluster of intermarried old-line rich, royals and robber barons who created the world’s financial structure."
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