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Concept.png Great Replacement 
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Interest ofLauren Southern
A "conspiracy theory", popularised in France in 2011.

The Great Replacement is an alleged theory where, with the complicity or cooperation of "replacist" elites, the ethnic "white" European populations at large are being demographically and culturally replaced with "non-white" peoples—especially from Muslim-majority countries—through mass migration, demographic growth and a drop in the birth rate of "white" Europeans.[1]

Official narrative

The concept of a population replacement is considered by Wikipedia as a far right antisemitic conspiracy theory.[2]

It is related to "White genocide".

Media coverage

The New Statesman call it a "deadly myth".[3]

The ADL and CCM called on Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson for his comments.[4]


An example

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Kalergi PlanThe original Great Replacement conspiracy theory?


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