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Membership• Ramon Mena Aguero
• Rogelio Abreu Azcuy
• Silvio Albelo
• Humberto Alvarado
• Santiago Alvarez
• Raul Arredondo
• Manuel Arroyo
• Francisco Avila
• Onelio Baez
• Eddie Bayo
• Roberto Bolo
• Jose R. Bouden
• Alfredo Leiva Bacallao
• Pedro Bosch
• Emilio C. Caballero
• Rodolfo Frometa Caballero
• Lazaro Cabreras
• Ramon Cala
• Lazaro Callo
• Joel Cano
• Armando Rojas Cantelis
• Luis Posada Carriles
• Elvis Castellanos
• Gianny Amey Castellanos
• Gionng Castellanos
• Guillermo Casasus
• Pedro E. Chavez
• Jorge R. Padron Cruz
• Antonio Rosario Cruz
• Tony Cuesta
• Pascual Ovidio Delgado
• Jose R. Delisle
• Alejandro Basilio Perez Diaz
• Ernesto Diaz
• Fausto Marimon Duconger
• Pedro Duran
• Ramon Echevarria
• Jose Falcon
• Carlos Evelio Fernandez
• Mario Garcia Fernandez
• Aldo Lopez Fernandez
• Alberto Figueroa
• Jose Antonio Martinez Gamon
• Alberto Herrera Garcia
• Enrique Candido Garcia
• Jaime Izquierdo Garcia
• Hugo C. Gascon
• Miguel Torres Gallardo
• Teodoro Garrido
• Jose Arturo Gil
• Osiel Gonzalez
• Jesus Guevara
• Eloy Gutierrez-Menoyo
• Carlos Raul Hernandez
• Juan Hernandez
• Julio C. Hernandez
• Pedro Hernandez
• Eduardo Bernardo Herrera
• Rene Herrera
• Nancy C. Silva Herrera
• Jesus Alberto Hoyos
• Antonio Huet
• Dagoberto Hurtado
• Carlos Iglesias
• Miguel Isa
• Javier Izquierdo
• Jose Jimenez
• Martin Kazer
• Julian Kaye
• Juan R. Landin
• Frady Laguna
• Alberto Laucirica
• Marcos Minauri Leon
• Ricardo M. Leon
• Vega Leyva
• Jorge Llanes
• Aquiles Solano Lopez
• Carlos J. Marin
• Froylan Marin
• Acorzo San Martin
• Jesus Perez Martinez
• Jose Antonio Martinez
• Norberto Mederos
• Diego A. Medina
• Enrique Melian
• Jose Ramon Menendez
• Norberto A. Mederos
• Ignacio R. Mederos
• Osvaldo Mitat
• Carlos A. Moreno
• Frank Ondarza
• Manuel Orcarberrio
• Ramon Orozco
• Juan Jose Ortega
• Oscar Padron Sr.
• Oscar Padron Jr.
• Jose L. Gomez Pardo
• Alfredo Pena
• Alejandro Perez
• Danilo Milian Perez
• Humberto Perez
• Aurelio Perez Salas
• Juan C. Perez
• Danilo Milian Perez
• Jenny G. Provoost
• Santiago Quintero
• Oscar Reyes
• Mario Rodriguez
• Miguel Infante Rodriguez
• Nelson Rodriguez
• Pablo Garcia Ronqueta
• Gerardo Rosales
• Antonio Rosario
• Nazario Sargen
• Pedro J. Gonzalez Silva
• Hernando O. Soto
• Manuel Tejeda
• Diego Tintorero
• Miguel Torres
• Jose A. Cruz Valdes
• Alfredo Valdivia
• Pedro Vera
• Antonio Veciana
• Otto Wiltz
• Juan Jose Yanes

Alpha 66 was a mercenary group was led by Antonio Veciana. Eddie Bayo may have helped organise it.[1] It was organized in Puerto Rico at the end of 1961 with 66 men.


The group of Cubans carried out a range of anti-Castro actions, killing people and destroying property in Cuba and in USA.[2] One commentator wrote that the group ranked "among the most violent and most notorious of the Cuban-exile groups devoted to overthrowing Fidel Castro’s regime in Havana."[3] Another that "Alpha-66’s terrorist actions could fill a book, and various volumes at that."[4]

"Five armed members of the group were captured in Cuba in December 1968, but U.S. authorities made no effort to punish Alpha 66 for violating neutrality laws. Two years later in September 1970, Cuban authorities announced the capture of nine more Alpha 66 commandos on the island.

The group was linked to a spate of bombings and assassinations in Miami during the 1970s, directed at Pro-Castro speakers. No Alpha 66 member was convicted of these crimes.

Similar actions in Cuba continued through the 1990s — including three drive-by shootings at the same Havana hotel between March 1994 and May 1995 — while the FBI professed inability to find the men responsible."[3]


In 1976 Antonio Veciana told the House Select Committee on Assassinations that he obtained operational guidance from a CIA agent known as 'Maurice Bishop'.[1] He said that the group was actively supported by the CIA from 1960 to 1973.

In 2008, Salon questioned the propriety of the US government's continuing to support the group even as is professed to be carrying on a "war on terror" elsewhere in the world. [5]