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• Paul Jolles

Nestlé is a public limited multinational corporation and the world's largest food company. The company manufactures and markets processed food and has diversified holdings in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical equipment and weight loss industries.

Unethical Marketing of Artificial Baby Milk

Since 1977 (with a break from 1984-1988), Nestlé has been the subject of an international boycott for its dubious marketing strategies. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 1.5 million infants die each year because of inappropriate feeding, because children vulnerable to disease are being bottle-fed on breastmilk substitutes rather than breastfed whenever possible[1]. As the world's largest artificial baby milk producer controlling 40% of the market, Nestlé has been seen as a leading cause of this catastrophe.

Not Healthy Products

More than 60 percent of the food and beverages sold by the company did not meet the "recognized definition of healthy," according to an internal presentation that was circulated among executives. The memo concluded some Nestlé products “will never be healthy no matter how much they’re tweaked”. [2]

Other activities

There is, of course, much more to Nestlé than the baby milk issue. The company has attracted criticism for its use of genetically modified ingredients, and for its cocoa and coffee-buying policies, including purchasing cocoa from Ivory Coast, which has recently received heavy press coverage due to the existence of child slavery on cocoa plantations.

From environmental destruction in Brazil to the intimidation of trade unionists in Colombia, from demanding millions in compensation from hunger-stricken Ethiopia to bolstering its image through proposing donations to breast cancer charities - Nestlé is easily one of the world's most hated companies.[3]

Spy hired to infiltrate NGO: 2008

The Swiss chapter of anti-globalization NGO Attac asked local authorities to investigate Nestlé for allegedly hiring a spy to infiltrate the group. The legal complaint was filed after learning that an employee of the Securitas AG security company took part in its private meetings between late 2003 and June 2004. "The meetings were part of a research project that culminated in the publication of a book titled "Attac against the Nestle Empire," which criticized the company's position on genetically modified organisms, water privatization and trade unions.[4]


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