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Date13 December 2018
Exposed • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/France
• Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Italy
• Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Jordan
• Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UK
• Richard Barrons
• David Leask
DescriptionThe 3rd tranche of documents released as part of the Integrity Initiative Leak, on 13 December 2018.

The third tranche of documents released as part of the Integrity Initiative Leak were published online on 13 December 2018.

Internet Censorship

In Ramping up IfS work 16 03 2018.pdf (after the Skripal Affair) Victor Madeira suggested that the IfS use its clusters to “Find ways to remove e.g. RT/Ruptly video and infographic content from mainstream media e.g. newspaper websites, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Such content is quite professionally done, entertaining and cheap (or even free) for cash-strapped mainstream media outlets. But for these reasons, this kind of content gets numerous ‘clicks’ and is therefore picked up by reputable outlets that help spread Russian disinformation.” [1]

Email addresses

The CND Gen list 2 contains "22 names with email addresses.[2] Most of these individuals have no other connection with the Institute for Statecraft or the Integrity Initiative. The presence on this list of Pablo Miller and Howard Body suggests that this is a list for email updates or consultations on the Salisbury poisonings story."

Current military / MoD

  • Colonel Angus Taverner – director of MoD’s news media operations policy during the Iraq war, subsequently enrolled for a master’s degree in public relations.
  • Lt Col Annabelle Janes – CO Land Intelligence Fusion Centre
  • Lt Col Debi Lomax – Chief of General Staff’s Commander’s Initiative Group
  • Captain Joe Walker-Cousins, reservist in Specialist Group Military Intelligence and employed by KBR in Saudi Arabia (see above)
  • Howard Body – Principal Analyst and Assistant Head Science Support, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Porton Down. "Analyst" presumably refers to strategic rather than laboratory analysis, as he has no science background and gave a presentation on "stabilisation operations" in 2005.
  • Ian Cohen – has both army and HSBC corporate emails – name matches HSBC’s Global Asset Management managing director


Chatham House

Risk/security/intelligence consultants

Institute for Statecraft trustees


Unidentified affiliations

Next Leak

Full article: Integrity Initiative/Leak/4

The fourth Integrity Initiative leak was posted on 4 January 2019.



Page nameDescription
Document:Avisa Partners PresentationThis is very revealing but more official presentation of the company's influence work. Compare with the dirty tricks in Document:Combatting Russian Disinformation
Document:Background to the Simulation SeminarsBackground to and observation of two war Simulation Seminars
Document:Bid for MoD Funding 2017-2018"Creation of a Europe-wide network of groups who understand the danger of Russian active measures and who can pass the message on to their own decision-makers and public, often using material which we initiate"
Document:Chris Donnelly CV ShortChris Donnelly short CV
Document:Chris Donnelly Paris Brussels May 2016 v2Chris Donnelly talks to his French II connections. "They think our main target needs to be the parts of the political class and the security structures 'where the rot is'"... "As an independent NGO we can do things they can’t do and national governments can’t do"
Document:Combatting Russian DisinformationA truly astonishing II document, with a lot of dirty methods. It is written by an established covert French propaganda network, spreading more than a 1000 stories a month, offering to work for II. "our ability to publish articles across hundreds of credible media outlets means that any campaign we undertake will have far more sway than the content published only on state-sponsored outlets RT and Sputnik, and their local few allies."
Document:Draft agenda for the conference Tackling Tools of Malign InfluenceDraft conference plan for the Tackling Tools of Malign Influence event
Document:FCO Skripal material 16.03.18A Twitter roundup from II. The contents are fairly standard fare, but which users II chose to follow is very interesting, including a certain type of journalist, and "other users in our field".
Document:FCO Skripal twitter sample 23.3.18A Twitter roundup from II. The contents are fairly standard fare, but which users II chose to follow is very interesting, and some are indeed "other users in our field"
Document:FCO Skripal twitter sample 24.3.18A Twitter roundup from II. The contents are fairly standard fare, but which users II chose to follow is very interesting, and some are "other users in our field".
Document:II Network Skripalmedia feedback from II members in smaller countries to HQ in London in Skripal affair
Document:II Twitter performance January 2018Our total number of Twitter followers was 328 as of 18th January.
Document:Ideas for Ramping up IfS Contributions to the CauseOutline of the Ifs-parts of a big covert propaganda campaign to synchronize and spread the British narrative ('the Cause') in the Skripal case.
Document:Institute for Statecraft project on Russian influence - Impact as at 19 04 2016A list of stories II has planted in media per April 2016, some openly, some secretly, like "Trolls on the Kremlin Payroll"; plus a number of youtube lectures with a lacklustre number of unique views.
Document:Integrity Francea partial list of II-France members. For complete list, see Integrity Initiative/Cluster/France
Document:Invoice Integrity Initiative ItalyInvoice from the Italian Atlantic Treaty Association for the inaugural event of the Italian cell ('cluster') of the UK deep state faction, the Integrity Initiative, plus for a report on Russian influence in Italian elections. The inaugural event presumably took place in London.
Document:Invoice to MoD for Ukrainian VisitInvoice from Institute of Statecraft to the Ministry of Defence for Ukrainian visit to London
Document:Military measuresA list of suggested military measures to Ukraine in 2014, including "Mine Sevastopol harbour/bay"
Document:Monthly AccountsThe Monthly Accounts for the Integrity Initiative, somewhat in the startup phase
Document:Notes from David Leask meeting 27 March 2018Integrity Initiative convinced Scottish 'fringe' nationalism is a Kremlin plot caused by RT and Sputnik; intends to influence to tie Scotland to NATO, England wants to keep media and political dominance
Document:Production schedule 05 04 2016A list of written output from II staff, mostly for internal study use.
Document:Production timetable March-April 2016A list of planned written output from II staff, similar to Document:Production schedule 05 04 2016
Document:Russia and the Italian Elections"For internal use only". Analysis of Italian election meddling - where some political parties apparently are trying to influence public opinion: "In Italy, appears evident that the promotion of a strategy to spread disinformation and to influence the Italian political opinions, has been limited and came much more from national populist parties, rather than from Russia or whatsoever foreign country."
Document:Russian Lies and the Skripal CaseII document describing the backstory to the British narrative of the Sergei Skripal incident
Document:Sergei Skripal Affair: What if Russia is Responsible?Donnelly creates an overarching narrative, and then makes a list of British punitive measures and a PR-campaign against Russia for the the Skripal Affair
Document:Skripal Case ItalyConclusion: "To counter this Italian trend it’s important to properly address the key political leaders, their new populist parties, and key editorialists, by an effective, discrete and articulated information campaign and narrative and not to be exclusively focused on trolls and fake news."
Document:Skripal Case Study Discernment IFS2018A Twitter roundup from II. The contents are fairly standard fare, but which users II chose to follow is very interesting, and some are "other users in our field".
Document:Skripal roundup 21.3.18some twitter reactions on the Skripal Case, half from known Integrity Initiative members
Document:Social Media Investigation and Monitoring Proposal - Subject Poisoning of Sergei SkripalEstablish the flow across social media of the messaging, and establish key influencers, friendly and anti, to HMG.
Document:Stephen Donald Lewis Davies @ GMCScreenshot of II checking out Dr. Stephen Davies of Salisbury Hospital, who wrote a letter to the Times disputing the official narrative. See Skripal Affair
Document:The Challenge of Brexit to the UK"So, if we consider what qualities and characteristics we need in those whom we select for leadership today, in a period of rapid and profound change, in all sorts of institutions – government departments, big companies, the NHS - the conclusion is that we need to look for people who have abilities that suit a wartime environment"... Leadership understands that in a period of tumultuous change you cannot control, you have to command..."
Document:The Institute for Statecraft Expert Team v 3biographies of core team members with lots of obscure but interesting former and present employers
Document:The Russian Party in FranceEveryone in France not following the strict pro-American NATO-line is a "linchpin of the Russian networks" because "we are dealing with a strategy of pre-conquest."
Document:Twitter Roundup 20.03.18A Twitter roundup from II, comments on a Moon of Alabama piece. The contents are fairly standard fare, but which users II chose to follow is very interesting, and some are indeed "other users in our field"
Document:Visit of Ukrainian Reserve Officers DraftBritish forces are interested in what Ukrainian colleagues have to say (including what seems to be some tall tales from a Roman Myhailyk)
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