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FormationOctober 2018

Byline Times is a monthly print newspaper and daily podcast founded in October 2018 which provides a platform for freelance reporters and writers to produce fearless journalism not found in the mainstream media.[1]

Byline Media also operates a subscriber funded video channel called Byline TV.[2]

Own words

Byline Times does not intend to report the daily news cycle. That’s for others. Our aim is to concentrate on ‘what the papers don’t say’. We will follow the story wherever it goes, without fear or favour. No PR company, advertiser or press baron can influence the stories we choose to cover. Our integrity comes from our editorial independence.

While the newspaper is not politically partisan, it is not neutral and stands against corruption, injustice and the erosion of truth and the rule of law. Accurate information is the lifeblood of a democracy and, although everyone is welcome to their own opinions, facts cannot be debated.

Accuracy also requires us to report our country more fairly. Byline Times believes many communities and regions are misrepresented in the media because they are under-represented. We hope to give a voice to those not provided a platform elsewhere.[3]


Supporting the official narrative on the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.[4]


Documents sourced from Byline Times

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Racist and Cruel - The Nasty World of the Equality and Human Rights CommissionArticleNicky Morgan
Equality and Human Rights Commission
David Isaac
Rebecca Hilsenrath
30 May 2016David HenckeI think the EHRC is becoming part of the new nasty Britain. It will issue fine words but do nothing practical about the plight of people because it won't have the staff to do it. It is all part of turning the country into a place where the wealthy feel comfortable and the rest have to scavenge to survive. The only added twist is that the well paid people at the top of this pyramid at the ECHR are being paid out of ordinary people's taxes.
Document:Sajid Javid Signs Off £1 Billion Private Health WindfallArticleNHS
Boris Johnson
National Audit Office
Sajid Javid
Meg Hillier
Amanda Pritchard
Pan Africanist Congress
14 January 2022David HenckeSajid Javid, the Health and Social Care Secretary, has agreed an ‘insurance policy’ with private providers, in breach of Treasury spending guidelines, reports David Hencke
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