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Place.png Baden-Württemberg
(German State)

Baden-Württemberg, commonly shortened to BW, is a German state (Land) in Southwest Germany, east of the Rhine, which forms the southern part of Germany's western border with France. With more than 11.07 million inhabitants as of 2019 across a total area of nearly 35,752 km2 (13,804 sq mi), it is the third-largest German state by both area and population.[1] As a federated state, Baden-Württemberg is a partly-sovereign parliamentary republic.

Baden-Württemberg is especially known for its strong economy with various industries like car manufacturing, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, the service sector, and more.[2][3][4] It has the third-highest gross regional product (GRP) in Germany. Part of the Four Motors for Europe, some of the largest German companies are headquartered in Baden-Württemberg, including Mercedes-Benz Group, Porsche, Bosch and SAP.


Groups Headquartered Here

Federal Constitutional Court of Germany1951The supreme constitutional court for Germany
Hubert Burda Media1903
Reutlingen Pathological InstitutePathological Institute who hosted press conference with dramatic COVID-19 jab autopsy results and vaccine analysis.
Salem Castle School1920One of the most elite schools in Europe.
University of Freiburg1457 JLEnjoys a high academic reputation both in Germany and internationally.
University of Heidelberg1386 JLOne of the oldest universities in Germany and the world
University of Konstanz1966
University of Tübingen1 January 1477 JLTübingen is one of the five German "classical university cities".