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Place.png Victoria (Australia)
(Australian State)
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Australia's second most populous state - from 2020, a centre for implementing the COVID-19 agenda

See also its biggest city, Melbourne

Victoria is a state in southeastern Australia.

Victoria has a population of over 6.6 million,[1] the majority of which is concentrated particularly in the metropolitan area of Greater Melbourne, Victoria's state capital and largest city and also Australia's second-largest city, where over three quarters of the Victorian population live. The state is home to four of Australia's 20 largest cities: Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo. The population is diverse, with 35.1% of inhabitants being immigrants.[2]


During the COVID-19 deep event the state distinguished itself as having particularly long lockdowns, introduction of 'no jab, no job', and more. The policies were led by Premier Daniel Andrews and health official Brett Sutton, the brother-in-law of Event 201 participant and deep state operative Jane Halton.

In July 2020, nine public housing towers housing 3,000 residents were surrounded by police and residents ordered not leave the tower under any circumstances for five days[3]

In September 2021, Andrews decreed that all "authorised workers" must have their first Covid vaccination by October 15 to continue working and until November 26 to be "fully vaccinated". The groups of workers affected by the requirement include healthcare, construction, freight, aged care, and education, and concerns between 1 – 1.2 million workers, in a state with 6.6 million people. Those who refuse will lose their jobs.[4]

Creating COVID deaths

In July 2020, the government ordered staff at St Basil’s Home for the Aged, a Melbourne aged care facility, to abandon the residents and go into isolation, to be replaced with new staff. The federal health department could not find enough new staff, the lack of care for residents had become apparent by the end of the first day. Of the 117 residents, 50 died. 45 of the deaths were stated to be from COVID, thus absolving the government of deaths from dehydration and lack of food and care.[5]

The procedure was repeated in other facilities, with 532 deaths in aged care facilities declared as from COVID, out of 800 deaths stated to be from COVID in the state in 2020.[6] [7]

Vaccine passports

In October 2021 Daniel Andrews indicated that vaccine passports are set to become a permanent fixture for Victoria that have to be continuously updated with booster shots: “Why would you have ‘the thing’ [Covid health orders] up and running and then, essentially, pull all that down – all the architecture that you’ve built, all the infrastructure, the culture that you’ve changed – why would you change that four or five weeks later? We will not be doing that here.” “I’m not going to say to someone, ‘Oh look, just wait us out, will ya? Just wait four or five weeks and then you’ll be able to go to the pub.’ No. If you make the judgement to not get vaccinated and you reckon you can wait out us or the public or whoever you want to think you’re waiting out – you won’t wait out the virus ‘cause the virus will be here for a long time. And you’re only protection against it is being vaccinated. This will be well into 2022”...Then we’re going to get into booster issues, so it won’t be your first and second dose, it will be ‘have you had your third?’ And then the other issue will be well, who knows what variants are coming? Who knows…” [8]

Doctors abandoning Hippocratic oath

In October 2021, Dr Roderick McRae, the Victoria president of the Australian Medical Association, said “Covid-deniers” and “anti-vaxxers” should opt out of care in the public health system if they catch the virus. "And they should notify their nearest and dearest and ensure there’s an advanced care directive that says, ‘If I am diagnosed with this disease caused by a virus that I don’t believe exists, I will not disturb the public hospital system, and I’ll let nature run its course’.”[9]

His statement also indirectly admitted to a large amount of vaccine injuries: “Now is not the time you want to fall over or get injured, because the hospitals are full. Don’t get too excited about the horse winning the Melbourne Cup if you’re on the brink of having a cardiac issue. Because if you call an ambulance in coming weeks, you may have to wait." With a stated 70% injection rate, "the hospitals are stressed to the point that tents are going up outside of the public hospitals to facilitate the removal of ill patients"[9]

2021 Anti-terrorism law

In October 2021, at the same time as preparing new hugely expanded biosecurity powers, the Victorian state parliament quietly passed an expanded anti-terrorism law[10]. Its broad definitions gives the government a carte blanche to prosecute anyone "even where crime was not contemplated nor even imagined"[11], and is particularly relevant for crushing dissent to the COVID-19 agenda, where "statements supportive of the commission of an act that would create a serious risk to the health or safety of the public" now can be required to join a "voluntary case management scheme" or face years in jail.

The "voluntary case management scheme" is introduced people who are "at risk of" radicalising towards violent extremism. This will happen even if the person has not committed any criminal offence, nor to have possessed any thing in connection to violent extremism, nor identified or even considered a particular act; if they refuse the voluntary reeducation[12], they will face up to two years imprisonment. Persons can appeal for a revision of cancellation of the “support and engagement plan” through a court. However, these court hearings are secret and passing on any information (e.g. your name) to a public report gets you two years in prison.[11]

Unlike normal criminal procedures, there’s very little oversight to this program. The police need to get a judge to sign off on an order (similar to obtaining a warrant) and that’s it. No trial. No public hearing. Nothing on the public record. The police can simply inform you that you are now a “supported person” and are required to do whatever the court agreed to for the next 12 months (and another year if they ask for an extension).[11]

The law declares that "a behaviour engaged in with any of the following intentions may, in certain circumstances, indicate that the person engaging in that behaviour is radicalising towards violent extremism:

22AG 3(a)  the intention of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause; or [...] 4 (b) (ii) statements supportive of the commission of an act that would create a serious risk to the health or safety of the public.
22AC Meaning of extremist material (1) For the purposes of this Part, extremist material means— 
(a)  material that a reasonable person would understand to be
(i)  directly or indirectly encouraging, glorifying, promoting or condoning a terrorist act; or 
(ii)  seeking support for, or justifying, the carrying out of a terrorist act; 
A person may be radicalising towards violent extremism for the purposes of this Part even though they have not— 
(a)  identified or considered a particular act— 
(b)  done an act in preparation for, or in the planning of, a terrorist act; or 
(c)  possessed or had under their control (whether solely or jointly with any other person) a thing that is connected with the preparation for, or the engagement of a person in, a terrorist act; or 
(d)  committed an offence.
Meaning of underlying cause of radicalisation towards violent extremism 
(1) For the purposes of this Part, a thing that is a cause of a person undergoing the process described in section 22AG(1) is an underlying cause of that person radicalising towards violent extremism. 
(2) Without limiting subsection (1), in a person's particular circumstances, any of the following things may be an underlying cause of the person radicalising towards violent extremism— 
(a)  unemployment; 
(b)  the use of drugs or alcohol; 
(c)  mental illness (within the meaning of the Mental Health Act 2014); 
(d)  homelessness; 
(e)  social isolation. 

The bill will also extend the operation of the Terrorism (Community Protection) Act 2003, a temporary law passed after 9/11, for a further ten years[13]

Artificial intelligence

In June 2023, new artificial intelligence traffic cameras began to be trialled in the state.[14]

US military stockpile

Under cover of the Talisman Sabre military exercise, the US military discreetly established new stockpiles of military equipment in Victoria. The equipment from Talisman Sabre included roughly 330 vehicles and trailers and 130 containers in warehouses in Bandiana, in north-east Victoria. The area is far from any obvious strategic points, except for controlling the half-way point between Sydney, Melbourne, and the capital Canberra, in an area that has never seen any US bases before. The amount of equipment, which the US military has not previously acknowledged, is enough to supply about three logistics companies, with as many as 500 or more soldiers. It’s the kind of materiel that’s needed for a future drill, a natural disaster, a state of emergency like a "pandemic", or in a war. "We’re looking to do this more and more," General Charles Flynn, the top US army commander in the Pacific, stated.[15]


Groups Headquartered Here

Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)1 January 1908
Burnet Institute1986One of the main scientific fig leafs used to justify measures during the COVID-19 deep event in Australia.
Doherty InstituteOne of the main pushers of COVID-19 and lockdown and experimental vaccines in Australia. The "experts" receive funds both direct from Pfizer and from major Pfizer shareholder the Gates Foundation.
Geelong Grammar School1855Ruling class school. The school's fees are the most expensive in Australia.
La Trobe University1964Public university based in Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne Grammar7 April 1858Melbourne establishment school with influential old boys network that "opens up pathways."
Monash University1958Public research university based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
RMIT University1887Melbourne university researching censorship implementation.
University of Melbourne1853A large number of Australian leaders have studied here
Victoria University (Melbourne)1990Offers both higher education and vocational education
Victoria/Police8 January 1853
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