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Event.png Mass murder in Paris (mid-level deep event?,  false flag?,  bombing,  hostage-taking,  mass shooting,  suicide attack?) Rdf-icon.png
Locations of the attacks
Date21:16, 13 November 2015 - 00:58, 14 November 2015
LocationParis,  France
Blamed onAbdelhamid Abaaoud
Injured (non-fatal)352

Mass murder in Paris was perpetrated on Friday 13 November 2015, when a series of coordinated terrorist attacks — consisting of mass shootings, suicide bombings, and hostage-taking — occurred in the French capital and in Saint-Denis, one of its northern suburbs.[1] 141 people were reported killed in the deadliest event in the European Union since the Madrid train bombings in 2004.

Official narrative

Beginning at 21:16 hours (CET), there were six mass shootings in central Paris and three separate suicide bombings outside the Stade de France football stadium, where France were playing Germany.[2] The deadliest attack was at the Bataclan theatre, where attackers took hostages and engaged in a stand-off with police which ended at 00:58 hours on Saturday 14 November 2015.[3] Of the 141 people killed, 89 died at the Bataclan theatre[4][5], 11 at Le Carillon and Le Petit Cambodge, 5 at La Casa Nostra, 6 at Stade de France, 18 at La Belle Équipe, 3 died subsequently and 9 perpetrators (2 unnamed) died.[6][7][8]


The commercially-controlled media cited "official sources" to relay the message that the so called "Islamic State" had used an unspecified website to claim responsibility for the attacks.[9][10][11] On 16 November 2015, corporate media named as the "mastermind" behind the attacks Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who was reported killed 3 days later.[12] Six of the eight alleged perpetrators who died in the Friday attacks were named by anonymous "official sources",[13] and a manhunt launched for Salah Abdeslam, a municipal employee in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek, who is believed to have rented a car in Belgium used in the Paris attacks.[14] On 25 November 2015, Belgian authorities issued an international arrest warrant for 30-year-old suspect Mohamed Abrini, who was shown on CCTV with Salah Abdeslam at a petrol station in northern France two days before the mass murder in Paris.[15] Abdesalam was eventually captured in Brussels on 18 March 2016.[16] The New York Times observed that “Most of the men who carried out the Paris attacks were already on the radar of intelligence officials in France and Belgium”.[17]


In a lost and found ID development, "a Syrian passport has been found on the body of one of the suicide bombers at the Stade de France, French police have told Reuters."[18] Al Jazeera "spoke to explosives and forensic experts, who offered an explanation for how a paper document could survive a suicide blast despite close proximity to the bomber."[19] Tom Secker remarked "shades of 7/7 and 9/11".[20]

On the other hand "Eight terror suspects named so far are not refugees and have EU passports."[21]

French Military Were Present?

In July 2016, Global Research picked up on a Belgian news report of a member of parliament that suggested that 8 French military personnel were present inside the Bataclan during the seige, but did not intervene because they had been ordered not to.[17]


The European Commission announced on 18 November 2015 a package of measures that "strengthens control of firearms across the EU".[22]


French President François Hollande immediately declared the attacks an "Act of War" and announced the first state of emergency since the 2005 French riots,[23] and placed temporary controls on the country's borders.[24] People and organisations expressed solidarity including through social media.

On 15 November 2015 France launched the largest single airstrike of Opération Chammal, its contribution to the anti-ISIS bombing campaign which started in September 2014, by striking numerous targets in Al-Raqqah, Syria in retaliation.[25][26][27][28][29]

Media comment

On 15 November 2015, writer and broadcaster Iain Macwhirter wrote an article which concluded "The one thing the terrorists want is for governments to launch another War on Terror, just as America did after 9/11. So let’s hear no more of it. The weapon Islamic extremists fear most is tolerance".[30]

Alternative media commentators have observed that the attacks were quickly seized upon by governments as a pretext for increased expenditure on the "war on terror". Craig Murray blogged that "this kind of sickening political opportunism is the true disrespect to the innocent dead." The attacks came a fortnight before a mass demonstration in Paris, planned to take place ahead of the 2015 UN Conference on Climate Change, was banned under the state of emergency.[31]

Interviewed for Russia Today by Afshin Rattansi, former MI5 agent Annie Machon, now director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), highlighted how the intelligence agencies were drowning in the torrent of information derived from universal surveillance instead of taking preemptive action by targeting suspects through HUMINT.[32]

On 19 November 2015, Gordon Duff of Veterans Today wrote that the Paris terror attacks could have been expected not only because of the "huge Islamic population" in Paris, but because NGOs that have supported "terrorism" in Syria and Iraq are headquartered there:

"The idea that France was to be punished for its role inside Syria is absurd. Jabhat al-Nusra’s leaders strut around Paris like they own it, perhaps purchased with the Qatari cash they bask in. Qatar has been bankrolling terrorist groups in Paris quite openly. These groups are ISIS.
"What is the difference between a group of terrorists living in Paris for 'political reasons' no one seems to know but the French 'leadership' has long accepted and 'terror cells' such as those now being described as 'Belgian' that recently butchered over 100 French citizens?
"What we are saying is simply this, France has been quite hospitable to ISIS and al-Nusra and these organisations have no reason whatsoever to bite the hand that feeds them, French, Saudi or Qatari, no more than they have never done anything against Israel."[33]


France had been on high alert for "terrorism" since the Charlie Hebdo events and the Île-de-France attacks. France had also increased security in anticipation of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, scheduled to be held in Paris from 30 November to 11 December 2015, and had restored border checks a week before the attacks.

Two Jewish brothers, Pascal and Joël Laloux,[34][35] owned the Bataclan theatre for more than 40 years until they sold it in September 2015.[36] The venue had been threatened several times because of their public support of Israel. In 2011, a group calling itself "Army of Islam" threatened the theatre because of this support.[37][38][39]


A terrorism drill is reported to have happened on the day of the Paris attacks, just a few hours before.[40] Patrick Pelloux, a "specialist of emergency medical services" (who reportedly notified François Hollande of to the Charlie Hebdo shooting) volunteered the information that a "multi-site attack exercise" had been planned for November 13th, 2015.[41]

Recent mass murders

The Islamic State reportedly claimed responsibility for numerous deadly attacks which took place in the weeks leading up to the mass murder in Paris. On 12 November 2015, twin suicide bombings took place in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 43 people. On 31 October 2015, Metrojet Flight 9268, carrying mostly Russian passengers crashed in Egypt, killing 224 people, for which IS's Sinai Province reportedly claimed responsibility.[42]

See also


The Official Culprit

Abdelhamid AbaaoudThe official "mastermind" behind the mass murder in Paris


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