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Founders: Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb


Related Document

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:The Scruton tapesarticle27 April 2019Douglas MurrayDeconstruction of a hit piece by The New Statesman which cost Scruton his unpaid goverment adisor position. It was based on egregious manipulation and misrepresentation of an interview with the paper's George Eaton


Documents sourced from New Statesman

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Boris Johnson is a threat to democracy itselfArticleThe Matrix
Boris Johnson
Donald Trump
18 June 2019Simon Wren-LewisWe can only hope that while most Conservative members want to live in a world where there is no spoon, enough voters prefer changing the real world in ways that enhance, rather than diminish, our democracy.
Document:Gaza Under FirearticleGaza War (2008–09)8 January 2009John Pilger
Document:How Britain Wages WararticleBaha Mousa
8 July 2008John Pilger
Document:Jeremy Corbyn’s Coventry speech on Brexit in fullSpeechLabour Party
2016 EU Referendum
26 February 2018Jeremy Corbyn"So I appeal to MPs of all parties, prepared to put the people’s interests before ideological fantasies, to join us in supporting the option of a new UK customs union with the EU, that would give us a say in future trade deals."
Document:Memo To Prime Minister - Your Merchants of Death Are Cooking The BooksarticleArms deal
Margaret Thatcher
Millbank Technical Services
17 October 1980Duncan Campbell
Document:Slumlands — filthy secret of the modern mega-citywebpageSlum
8 August 2011Paul Mason
Document:The Woman who nearly Stopped the WararticleGCHQ
Katharine Gun
Iraq Inquiry
2003 Iraq War
19 March 2008Martin BrightIn January 2003 Katharine Gun, a translator at GCHQ, learned something so outrageous that she sacrificed her career to tell the truth. Martin Bright on a brave deed that should not be forgotten
Document:Why Wikileaks must be protectedarticleWikileaks19 August 2010John Pilger

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