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Fethullah Gülen“He has since established more than 300 madrasahs in Central Asia and what he calls universities that have a front that is called Moderate Islam, but he is closely involved in training mujahideen-like militia Islam who are brought from Pakistan and Afghanistan into Central Asia where his madrasahs operate, and his organization's network is estimated to be around $25 billion.


He has opened several Islamic universities in the United States. As I said it's being promoted under Moderate Islam. It is supported by certain U.S. authorities here because of the operations in Central Asia, but what they have been doing since late 1990s is actually radical Islam and militizing (phonetic) these very, very young, from the age 14, 15, by commandoes they use, and this is both commandoes from Turkish military, commandoes from Pakistani ISI in Central Asia and Azerbaijan, and after that they bring them to Turkey, and from Turkey they send them through Europe, to European and elsewhere.”
Fethullah Gülen
Sibel Edmonds


Nation states

Nation stateDescription
Afghanistan"The graveyard of empires" - Afghanistan has a reputation for undoing ambitious military ventures and humiliating would-be aggressors. Present belligerents take note.
KazakhstanUranium/tar sands rich central Asian nation, former part of the USSR.
KyrgyzstanA former part of the USSR.
MongoliaMongol Nation, is the worlds largest landlocked country
TajikistanCentral Asian nation states which was one of of only 3 worldwide (as of July 2021) to mandate vaccination for all adults.
TurkmenistanNatural gas rich Asian state. One of the first 3 nation states in the world to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for all adults.
UzbekistanFormer USSR country in Central Asia. Home to the 3 most important cities on the Silk Road.


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