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Bo AbbottA drug trafficking pilot who attempted to blow the whistle on the CIA's illegal drug trafficking but who disappeared - i.e. was probably murdered by the cabal
Bradley AyersAn employee of the JMWAVE CIA station who has named senior colleagues as implicated in the JFK assassination and testified about CIA drug dealing.
Roland Beaumont
Prince BernhardArms dealer.
Gordon A. Blake
Richard BrennekeA CIA and Iran-Contra insider who testified to participation in drug dealing, Iran Contra and the October surprise conspiracy.
Claire Lee Chennault
Michael Connell
Roald Dahl
Michael H. DoranA lawyer who was working for free to help the relatives of 9-11 victims who refused the US government's 9-11/Compensation fund.
Kingman Douglass
James EastonAn RAF pilot who became deputy director general of MI6
David Ferrie
Dave HallowayA friend of Andy Strassmeir who flew him out of USA after the 1995 OKC Bombing.
Christopher A. Hart
Eugene Hasenfus
Gerry Patrick Hemming
Pedro Luis Díaz Lanz
Charles Lindbergh
Philip MarshallA CIA pilot who published three popular and insightful books on 9-11. He was found shot dead with his children.
Jonathan Moyle
David Malcolm Nott
Tosh Plumlee
Charles Portal
Arthur W. Radford
John Rankin Rathbone
Terry Reed
Jan van RisseghemJan van Risseghem allegedly shot down Dag Hammarskjöld's aircraft
Charles Rogers
John A. Samford
Barry SealAn ace pilot and drug smuggler for the US deep state who knew too much.
Huntington D. Sheldon
William Stephenson
Rodney StichA writer of over 20 books exposing US government corruption.
Chip TatumDeep state operative who has named a lot of names, espceially in the area of CIA drug trafficking and the Iran-Contra deal.
John Vogt
Wirt Dexter Walker II
David WherleyOn 9/11 Wherley ordered his pilots, who did not launch until after the Pentagon attack, to operate weapons free, meaning that they were permitted to shoot at will.
Edwin Kennedy Wright


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