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The UK daily newspaper which has published the first revelations concerning NSA documents from Edward Snowden.

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Founder: John Edward Taylor

Owner: Scott Trust Ltd
Constitutes: Corporate media

More perhaps than most other elements of the commercially-controlled media, The Guardian has reported on matters pertaining to the deep state, such as the heroin smuggling cartel of Hüseyin Baybaşin.[1] But the newspaper's owners Scott Trust Ltd became embedded into the corporate world in 2008, and journalist Jonathan Cook now believes The Guardian is "incapable of fulfilling its self-declared role as watchdog against abuses by the powerful".[2]

Edward Snowden Affair

Full article: Stub class article Edward Snowden Affair

The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald was reportedly contacted by Edward Snowden seeking to publish the documents he had obtained while working at the NSA. In testimony before Britain's Parliament, the editor Alan Rusbridger stated that of the 58,000 files obtained from Edward Snowden only "about 1 percent" had published. He added: "I would not expect us to be publishing a huge amount more."[3]

Controlled Media

In 2014, the Guardian fired Nafeez Ahmed, a widely respected critic of the "war on terror". This was interpreted by some as further indication that the paper is a form of controlled opposition, that while it tolerates certain anti-establishment views, it is in fact no more free than other members of the commercially-controlled media to fundamentally challenge official narratives.[4]

In 2015, a small group of readers tired of the censorship of the "Comment is Free" section, decided to found OffGuardian, their own WWW platform for exchanging such ideas - one that would not be subject to the Guardian's censorship.  

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