Prime Minister of Australia

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Leader of the AustraliaBoss of the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

Employment.png Prime Minister of Australia 
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Incumbent: Malcolm Turnbull
Since 15 September 2015

Start 1 January 1901
Leader of Australia
Deputy Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

The Australian Prime Minister, according to convention, is the leader of the majority party or largest coalition party of the Australian House of Representatives. However, there is no requirement that the prime minister sit in the House of Representatives, or even be a member of parliament.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Malcolm Turnbull15 September 2015
Tony Abbott18 September 201315 September 2015
Kevin Rudd27 June 201318 September 2013
Julia Gillard24 June 201027 June 2013
Kevin Rudd3 December 200724 June 2010
John Howard11 March 19963 December 2007
Paul Keating20 December 199111 March 1996
Bob Hawke11 March 198320 December 1991
Malcolm Fraser11 November 197511 March 1983
Gough Whitlam5 December 197211 November 1975
William McMahon10 March 19715 December 1972
John Gorton10 January 196810 March 1971