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Page nameDescription
Isadore BlumenfieldJewish-American gangster boss
Klaas BruinsmaMysterious Amsterdam drug lord in the 1970s and 1980s. Connected to the Dutch royal family through a princess (and possibly more royalty), spooks and underage-sex trafficking. Assassinated in 1991
Whitey BulgerMKULTRA connected US Crime boss assassinated in prison aged 89
Al CaponeInfamous crime boss
Paul Castellano"The Howard Hughes of the Mob"
Joseph Civello
Frank Costello
Pietro FedinoConvicted along with senior NATO official Willem Matser
Sam GiancanaHead of Chicago mafia
Antoine Guerini
Joaquín GuzmánBoss of the Sinaloa cartel (official owner of the CIA's 'Cocaine 2'), now imprisoned
Lucky Luciano
Salvatore Maranzano
Carlos MarcelloNew Orleans mafia boss with JFK assassination connections.
Joe Masseria
Johnny RoselliMobster for the Chicago Outfit. Died just before the HSCA.
Dutch Schultz
Bugsy SiegelCrime boss assassinated in 1947
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