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A union organizer is a specific type of trade union member (often elected) or an appointed union official. The organizer's role is to recruit groups of workers under the organizing model, may enforce work rules and also take on legal roles to represent the workers. Organizers also assist non-union workers in forming chapters of locals, usually by leading them in their efforts.

Being a union organizer can often be a hazardous job, especially in the global south[1], but it is by no means easy in industrialized countries either. Historically, unionization required immense personal sacrifices and struggle from the ones starting the organizing, but over the years, unions were somewhat integrated in the Western system, especially after World War 2.

The union organizers in Wikispooks tend to be "the somewhat integrated in the system", as many of them attended the Bilderberg conferences as representatives of anti-communist unions or as state bureaucrats. Some have connections to the CIA or other intelligence services.

Apart from official harassment and arrests, where the police and judiciary takes side with the employers, organizers are often found "dead in a ditch". There are company's that offer specialized services aimed at preventing the formation of unions.[2] The mafia has infiltrated unions in the US for decades.[3][4]



Page nameDescription
Henrik AasarødAttended the 1984 Bilderberg as President of The Norwegian Seafarers' Union
Howard Beckett
Omer BecuBelgian labor leader, two Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Irving BrownUS Trade unionist who attended the 1956 Bilderberg
Eugene V. Debs
William DodgeCanadian Labor Union Leader
Silme DomingoAssassinated labor activist, probably killed on orders of Ferdinand Marcos
Vic FeatherGeneral Secretary of the Trade Union Congress secretly working for the Information Research Department.
Jennie Formby
C. J. GeddesBritish trade union leader who later was knighted
Arne GeijerChair of the mighty Swedish Trade Union Confederation and President of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.
William Green
Odd HøjdahlLabour union bureucrat and politician
Wim KokDutch Minister of State, Dutch PM, Bilderberg ...
Paddy LillisSchemed successfully to deny new Corbyn supporters a say in Labor internal elections.
Jean MarchandCanadian politician
David McDonaldUS labor leader who attended the February 1957 Bilderberg
Iain McNicol
Joseph Morris
David Morse
Jacobus OldenbroekWorked with Office of Strategic Services during WW2. Attended 2 Bilderbergs as General Secretary of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.
Alfred RobertsBritish trade unionist who attended the 1958 Bilderberg as ILO/Vice chair
Guy RyderDirector-General of the International Labour Organization
Kaare Sandegren
United Steelworkers of America/President
Tom Williamson
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