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An operating system controls the computer hardware and allows its operation by software applications.

Open source or proprietary?

Full article: Open source

Operating systems may be open source (such as Linux, Resurrection Remix OS or Lineage OS) or closed-source (such as Microsoft Windows or Apple's MacOS or iOS). Open-source (non-proprietary) operating systems allow users to inspect their source code.


The most widely used operating systems as of 2018 are Microsoft Windows and Android, each installed on slightly over 1/3 of computing devices as of April 2018.iOS and OSX between them account for almost 20%. The fifth most popular operating system was Linux, which had about 0.7% as of April 2018.[1]



There are observations that students in the US, since around 2017, do not understand the concept of a filesystem any longer; since most have spent their time not with classic personal computers, but with mobile devices.[2]



Page nameDescription
AndroidA widely used mobile operating system
IOSThe operating system used by Apple
Incompatible Timesharing System
LineageOSAn alternative to Android, as of 2019 supporting 185 models of cellphone.
LinuxThe world's most popular open source operating system. "More secure than its competitors"
MacOSApple's closed source operating system that GNU terms "malware".
Resurrection Remix OSA mobile operating system
WindowsA closed source operating system by Microsoft.
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