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In 1971, the US abandoned the gold standard. Many nations' central banks continued to hold US dollars, due in part to the petrodollar.

In 1971 the US abandoned the gold standard after holders of dollars, concerned about currency inflation due to the rapid creation of dollars due to the Vietnam War started buying gold. This might have caused a large amount of capital flight away from the US dollar, but the petrodollar system stimulated a replacement demand, and several other currencies followed suit to leave the gold standard, rendering them equally suspect as inflation proof investments.

"War On Drugs"

Full article: Rated 4/5 “War On Drugs”

The US government under Richard Nixon began a "War On Drugs" which has not ended to this day. The official narrative declared that illegal drugs represented a serious threat the the social order, and so special laws were needed to prevent users from themselves. John Ehrlichman, the White House Domestic Affairs Advisor later admitted that this was a fraud.

Club de Berne

Full article: Club de Berne

The Club de Berne, a little known association of intelligence agencies, was founded in 1971.



Tuskegee syphilis experiment
Operation Paperclip
Cold War
Vietnam War
Chagos Archipelago/Depopulation
Phoenix Program
The Troubles
Operation Condor
Great Oil Sniffer Hoax
War on Drugs

New Groups

Ulster Defence AssociationGroup.png1971 - Present
Center for Strategic and International StudiesCsis.png1971 - PresentMilitary ranks
Think tank
World Finance CorporationGroup.png1971 - 1977
Vancouver School of TheologyGroup.png1971 - PresentMilitary ranks
Military Reaction ForceGroup.png1971 - 1973Secret
Southern Poverty Law CenterSPLC Logo.svg1971 - Present
Club de BerneClub de Berne.jpg1971 - Present
Association of European Border RegionsAssociation of European Border Regions.png1971 - Present
Information Policy UnitGroup.pngSeptember 1971 - PresentPropaganda

A Group that was Wound Up

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