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Cambridge Analytica is a privately held big data mining company. As well as commercial customers, they work for those in the "government space" and for the military.


Cambridge Analytica had Steve Bannon on its board of directors.[1] The CEO was Alexander Nix.


Alexander Nix, CEO or Cambridge Analytica claimed to have "already healped supercharge" A member of their staff was on the board of Leave.Eu. Their spending returns made no mention of and they denied doing professional work for the campaign, although this remained contested as of March 2017.[2][3]


The Register reported "According to a story doing the rounds, psychometric big data pushed Britain into Brexit and Trump on to America. The winning sides adopted a method developed at the University of Cambridge to psychometrically profile people by using publicly available data including Facebook "likes"."[4]

In a report about Cambridge Analytica the Financial Times reported that "The UK’s data privacy watchdog is examining the use of voters’ personal data by analytics companies, to assess whether Britons’ data protection rights were breached during political campaigns such as the EU referendum."[5]

Dismembering Iraq

Nafeez Ahmed headlined an article in March 2017 that "a network tied to Cambridge Analytica, Islamist insurgents, ExxonMobil and Koch convinced Trump to let go of Iraqi unity."[6]


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