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The top of the 1956 guest list
Date11 May 1956 - 13 May 1956
LocationFredensborg,  Denmark
ParticipantsPrince Bernhard, Terence Airey, Robert André, Ralph Assheton, Prince Axel of Denmark, George Ball, Omer Becu, Fritz Berg, George Barry Bingham, Robert Blum, Pierre Bonvoisin, Robert Boothby, Max Brauer, Irving Brown, Fraser W. Bruce, Carl J. Burckhardt, Anthony Buzzard, Raffaele Cafiero, Victor Cavendish-Bentinck, Hakon Christiansen, Walker L. Cisler, René Clement-Cuzin, John S. Coleman, Auguste Cool, Geoffrey Crowther, Clement Davies, Arthur Hobson Dean, Fernand Dehousse, D. Sefton Delmer, Joseph N. Dodge, Jean Drapier, Pierre Dupuy, Fritz Erler, Amintore Fanfani, Maurice Faure, John H. Ferguson, Ralph E. Flanders, John Foster, Oliver Franks, Hugh Gaitskell, Robert L. Garner, C. J. Geddes, Gerhard P. Th. Geyer, Clinton S. Golden, Herbert Gross, Alfred M. Gruenther, Colin Gubbins, Baron J. Guillaume, Walter Hallstein, Gabriel Hauge, Jens Christian Hauge, Denis Healey, Michael Heilperin, Henry J. Heinz II, Rolf Heyn, H. M. Hirschfeld, Leif Høegh, Paul G. Hoffman, John Hope, H. Montgomery Hyde, Hastings Ismay, C. D. Jackson, Nelson Dean Jay, P. Kanellopoulos, P. J. Kapteyn, George F. Kennan, John Keswick, Kurt-Georg Kiesinger, E. N. van Kleffens, V. J. Koningsberger, Ole Bjørn Kraft, Jean Letourneau, P. M. A. Leverkuehn, Sjur Lindebrække, Edward Littlejohn, Giovanni F. Malagodi, Robert Marjolin, Edward S. Mason, Reginald Maudling, Andre Maurois, George C. McGhee, Alexander Menne, Finn Moe, Fritz P. Molden, Guy Mollet, Roger Motz, Rudolf Mueller, Robert Murphy, George Nebolsine, Paul Nitze, Keith Officer, Bertil Ohlin, J. H. Oldenbroek, H. Oosterhuis, J. J. Ooyevaar, Duncan Oppenheim, Cola Parker, Antoine Partrat, Giulio Pastore, George Perkins Jr, Jacques Piette, Harry Pilkington, Antoine Pinay, Panayotis Pipinelis, Alberto Pirelli, Pietro Quaroni, Alfred Robens, N. A. Robertson, David Rockefeller, Chester A. Ronning, Ludwig Rosenberg, Paolo Rossi, Denis de Rougemont, Dean Rusk, Pierre Ryckmans, Paul Rykens, Rickard Sandler, Gino Scarpa, Carlo Schmid, Ernst Georg Schneider, W. F. Schnitzler, John Slessor, Hans Günther Sohl, Joseph P. Spang Jr., John J. Sparkman, Charles Spofford, M. P. L. Sternberghe, Dolf Sternberger, Thomas Stone, Terkel Terkelsen, Herbert L. G. Tingsten, H. Troeger, Ruy Ennes Ulrich, Vittorio Valetta, Etienne de la Vallee Poussin, G. M. Verrijn Stuart, André Voisin, M. Waldenström, H. F. van Walsem, Clifton Webb, Francis O. Wilcox, Jean Willems, Tom Williamson, Otto Wolff von Amerongen, Zafrulla Khan, Paul van Zeeland, J. D. Zellerbach
PerpetratorsBilderberg/Steering committee
DescriptionThe 4th Bilderberg meeting, with 147 guests, in contrast to the generally smaller meetings of the 1950s. Has two Bilderberg meetings in the years before and after

The 1956 Bilderberg Meeting was the 4th such meeting and the first in Denmark. It had participants from Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It was held at Fredensborg, Denmark.

Meeting size

The size of the 1956 Bilderberg was unusually large; the meeting size was apparently still being researched. The previous meeting, the September 1955 Bilderberg Meeting was attended by 78 men. The 147 guests included 33 business executives, 45 politicians, 6 financiers, 5 editors/journalists and 9 academics. The next meeting was the 1957 February Bilderberg, which had just 75 guests.


Richard A. Gard wrote a speech entitled Asia and the west in the free world.[1]


As of November 2017, the report of the 1956 Bilderberg has not yet been leaked online. However, the website at Bilderberg Meetings has the following agenda:

1. Review of developments since the last Conference

2. The causes of the growth of anti-Western blocs, in particular in the United Nations

3. The role played by anti-colonialism in relations between Asians and the West

4. A common approach by the Western world towards China and the emergent nations of South and East Asia

5. The communist campaign for political subversion or control of the newly emancipated countries of Asia

6. How the West can best meet Asian requirements in the technical and economic fields

Guest list

The guest list includes the name of Guerin De Beaumont, who died in October 1955, suggesting that it was chosen over 6 months before the event.


The guest list of the 1956 Bilderberg was found among Hugh Gaitskell's papers and posted on the internet.



Terence AireyEarly Bilderberg Steering committee. UK soldier
Otto Wolff von AmerongenBilderberg Advisory Committee member, deep politician
Robert AndréAttended the first Bilderberg and 2 more, president of the "Syndicat de Petrole"
Ralph AsshetonLord Clitheroe, Chairman of the Conservative Party in the 1940s, attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s.
George BallUS deep politician who attended all 40 Bilderberg meetings up to his death, he helped make key decisions about post-WW2 Europe.
Omer BecuBelgian labor leader, two Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Victor Cavendish BentinckChairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, diplomat, 7 Bilderbergs
Fritz Berg13 Bilderbergs, Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie President for 23 years
Bernhard von BiesterfeldNazi arms dealer. Alleged bodyguard of Hitler, early member of the SS, requested presidency under Hitler during WW2. An early leader of the Dutch Deep State, founded Dutch division of Operation Gladio named Inlichtingen en Operatiën, co-founded Bilderberg as Steering Committee chairman. Started 1001 Club, WWF, Rijkens Club. Linked to Klaas Bruinsma.
George Barry BinghamUS businessman who attended 2 more Bilderbergs in the 1950s after the first one
Robert BlumSpooky US academic diplomat. OSS. Attended the 1956 Bilderberg. Died suddenly aged 54.
Pierre BonvoisinAttended the first Bilderberg and three more. Father of Benoît de Bonvoisin
Robert BoothbyBritish politician and UK deep state operative, Clermont Set, Bilderberg
Max BrauerMayor of Hamburg. One of a dozen men whom Józef Retinger consulted when setting up the Bilderberg
Irving BrownUS Trade unionist who attended the 1956 Bilderberg
Fraser BruceUnknown attendee of 3 early Bilderberg meetings.
Carl BurckhardtSwiss historian and diplomat
Anthony BuzzardDirector of UK Naval Intelligence from 1951-1954.
Raffaele CafieroItalian senator who attended two Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Hakon ChristiansenDanish businessman. Bilderberg Steering committee.
Walker CislerAs well as the first Bilderberg, he attended the next four, and 3 more in the early 1960s, US businessman
René Clement-CuzinAttended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s. Little known
John ColemanChairman of the Coleman Committee (or Committee for a National Trade Policy) out of which the American network for participation in the Bilderberg grew.
Auguste CoolBelgian labour leader and suspected deep state operative.
Geoffrey CrowtherAttended the Bilderberg in the 1950s twice as Editor of the Economist
Clement DaviesAttended the first Bilderberg as Leader of the UK Liberal Party
Arthur DeanChairman and senior partner of Sullivan & Cromwell, where he worked closely with John Foster Dulles
Fernand DehousseBelgian politician who attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Sefton DelmerWWII UK propagandist, single Bilderberger
Joseph DodgeUS financier and economic advisor who worked on the financial restructuring of Germany after World War II. Attended the 3rd and 4th Bilderbergs
Jean DrapierPrincipal Private Secretary to Belgian Prime Minister Paul-Henri Spaak
Pierre DupuyCanadian diplomat. Like his son, Michel Dupuy, a Bilderberger diplomat
Fritz ErlerSPD Deputy chair. Bilderberger
Amintore FanfaniQuad bilderberger, Italian PM
Maurice FaureFrench politician who co-signed the Treaty of Rome for France in 1957.
John FergusonUS lawyer, attended the first Bilderberg and 7 others in the 1950s. US Ambassador to Morocco 1962-64
Ralph FlandersChairman of Federal Reserve Bank of Boston who attended two Bilderbergs in the 1950s.
John FosterUS Nuclear physicist who attended the first Bilderberg and two more.
Oliver FranksBilderberg philosopher
Hugh GaitskellA UK Labour politician who reportedly died of a rare illness in hospital.
Robert GarnerWorld Bank/Vice President
C. J. GeddesBritish trade union leader who later was knighted
Axel GeorgDanish Prince who attended the 1956 Bilderberg in Fredensborg, Denmark
Gerhard P. Th. GeyerEsso director who attended the 1st and 4th Bilderbergs
Clinton GoldenAnti-communist labor union leader. Double Bilderberger
Herbert GrossAttended the 3rd and 4th Bilderbergs
Alfred GruentherAttended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s as SACEUR
Colin GubbinsBilderberg invitee and spook
Jules GuillaumeBelgian diplomat and single Bilderberger. Secretary for King Baudouin.
Walter HallsteinBilderberg, President of the European Commission
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