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FounderNick Butler
Interest ofJulia Hobsbawm, Michael Smeeth
Membership• Adebayo Adeleke
• Griselda Aldrete
• Douglas Alexander
• Rushanara Ali
• Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
• Michael Allegretti
• Rafael Anchia
• June Andrews
• Bela Arora
• Nihal Arthanayake
• Terry Babcock-Lumish
• John Baines
• Sam Barcroft
• Simon Barratt
• Oli Barrett
• Brian Barton
• Charles Barwell
• Rob Beckley
• Robert Beckley
• John Bellinger
• Paul Bental
• Danielle Berrin
• Lynne Berry
• John Bew
• Jasdeep Kaur Bhogal
• Benjamin Bilski
• Sarah Binion
• Janet Bloomfield
• Jane Borochoff
• John Brademas
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• Dan Branch
• Sophie Brendel
• George Brock
• Po Bronson
• Micaela Brown
• Tom Burke
• Tony Lamair Burks
• Clemecy Burton-Hill
• Julia Butler
• Nick Butler
• Nick Butler
• Andrea Byrne
• Lara Carmona
• Peter Carrington
• Ted Carter
• Shami Chakrabarti
• Jonas S. Chartock
• Oliver Christian
• Sarah Churchwell
• Samuel Coates
• Murphy Cobbing
• Stephen Colegrave
• Diane Coyle
• Christopher Cragg
• William Crawley
• Timothy Creamer
• Harlan Crow
• Caroline Dalmeny
• Francis Dannatt
• Richard Dannatt
• Andrew Davies
• Evan Davis
• Jody Tucker Davis
• Chris DeRose
• Tim Dobbins
• Arnold Wayne Donald
• Stephen Dorrell
• Daniel Drezner
• Mark Durkan
• Dominic Dyer
• Nina Easton
• Christopher Eide
• Michael Elliott
• Amy English
• Herb Enmarch-Williams
• Garry Everitt
• Tim Ferriss
• Richard Fisher
• Dan Fitz
• Peter Florence
• Daniel Franklin
• Tad Friend
• Ellen Futter
• Sarah Gee
• Sara Gefland
• Andy Gibson
• Duncan Glassey
• Daniel Glazer
• Julian Gluck
• Ashlee Godwin
• Michael Golden
• Allan Golston
• Allan Golston
• Edith Gorman-Lush
• Josh Gotbaum
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• Colleen Graffy
• Lauren Greenfield
• Olly Grender
• Alison Griffiths
• Priya Guha
• Debbie Gupta
• James Gwertzman
• Steve Haines
• Steven Haines
• Ben Hammersley
• Joan Harrison
• Haani Ul Hasnain
• Suzanne Hay
• Michael Hecht
• Lisa Henderson
• Michael Hermann
• Jane Hill
• Margaret Hill
• Isabel Hilton
• Steve Hilton
• Stephen Hinton
• Julia Hobsbawm
• Julia Hoggett
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• Alison Homes
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• Philip Lader
• Justine Lancaster
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The British-American Project (BAP) is a transatlantic fellowship of over 1,200 leaders and opinion formers from a broad spectrum of occupations, backgrounds and political views. The purpose of the network is to groom a cadre of reliably pro-American British politicians, especially on the left side in politics, or as the 1985 conference put it, “to create, at a time of growing international strains and stresses, a closer rapport between Britain and the United States among people likely to become influential decision-makers during the next two decades” [1]

BAP operates on a not-for-profit basis, funded through its membership and support from corporate partners. It was originally named the British-American Project for the Successor Generation[1], and was founded in 1985 [2]. From 2006, it became a private limited company[3].

Annual conference


The BAP meets annually for a four-day conference on a topic of current concern to both countries. Each year, roughly 24 new participants are selected from either side of the Atlantic, on the basis of service to their communities and professional achievement, and sponsored to attend the conference as delegates. At the end of each conference, Delegates are elected Fellows of the Project. Fellows from past years attend the annual conferences at their own expense, with many returning in successive years.[4]

The conference has a main conference brochure, which outlines speakers and schedules. In addition, they print a biographical book, a comprehensive and compact guide to who’s who at the conference. It’s divided into four sections; UK Delegates, US Delegates, UK Fellows, US Fellows and each page is an individual biography.[5]

Many BAP alumni are directly involved with US and UK military and defense establishments.

The supposedly left-liberal association holds an annual JP Morgan lecture, given by David Cameron in 2006.[6]

Members used to joke of CIA-funding

A Guardian article from 2004 described the purpose of the group:

Here, BAP is portrayed as a Trojan horse for American foreign policy, recruiting Britons of liberal or left-of-centre inclinations and political talent and connections when they are young, indoctrinating them with propaganda about the virtues of American capitalism and America's role in the world, and then watching them approvingly as they steer British politics in an ever more pro-Washington direction. According to this analysis, the project's greatest success has been New Labour.[2]
The leftwing journalist John Pilger, who has been uncovering American manipulation of other countries' politics for decades, has described BAP as a "casual freemasonry" and "by far the most influential transatlantic network of politicians, journalists and academics".
The historian Frances Stonor Saunders, who has written extensively about the American use of earlier, similar networks to influence western opinion during the cold war, sees close parallels with BAP: "All that's changed is that BAP are much more sophisticated." Member Yasmin Alibhai-Brown said: ""The amount of drink, the way you were treated, the dinners with everyone who was anyone..... It was money that I'd never seen at any conference before. We [the participants] used to joke, 'This is obviously funded by the CIA.'"
BAP-member Martin Vander Weyer admitted: "The British membership is quite a concentrated elite," he admits. "There was a stage where ... a lot of the people who emerged as part of the New Labour leadership group happened - and I say happened, because it is partly chance - to be members of BAP ...[7]

British and US members

Given the number of members, this is an incomplete list. Especially British politicians, aware that participation is potentially incriminating, carefully leave BAP membership out their CVs. Nevertheless, because of the Project's secrecy, the list on Wikispooks is the most complete compilation existing in public today.[76]


Related Quotations

Jane Hill“The annual [ British-American Project ] conference is an experience like no other – stimulating, challenging, always fun.”Jane Hill2005
Marjorie Thompson“Another Labour figure who has had an experience with the BAP is Emma Dent Coad who was the party’s first ever MP for Kensington, serving from 2017-19, and is now leader of the Labour Group on the borough’s council. 

She told Declassified that a friend who was a senior official in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) tried to recruit her to the BAP in the 1980s. Coad later found out this person “worked with the CIA”.  At the time, the US government had, according to an official memo leaked to the Washington Post, initiated a "propaganda exercise in Britain, aimed at neutralising the efforts of CND".

“In the late 80s, I was a journalist working in design and architecture and very busy at the time, travelling around a lot and writing for various magazines,” Coad told us. “At the time, a local friend who was senior in CND started talking to me about this project that she was involved in." "She basically said that if I was able to go to Washington and give a talk about the work I was doing, I’d have a lovely dinner, it would all be paid for, and then I’d be part of this international group who were just trying to improve life," Coad added. “Then I would be part of that group forever and I’d be invited to things periodically, and it would give me a really good profile."

Coad thought about it and discussed it with her then husband. "But I just felt there was something a bit smelly about it frankly,” she says. “It didn’t ring true, something so generous just for me being there, so I politely declined." 

“Later I found out what the British-American Project was all about," she adds. “Then I found out a couple of years later that this friend – who had by then moved out of the area and I’d lost contact with her – worked with the CIA, and I was absolutely appalled."

Coad says she was good friends with the husband of the alleged CIA operative, and that he told her she was working for the agency as soon as he found out. 

"There was something not quite right. I was just a jobbing journalist really, in a faintly glamorous environment, why would I be of interest to this international group?"

But Coad can understand why she was a target. "I’ve always been a socialist, I always had those values from school,” she says. “I was political at college, at university, I had roles in the unions, I’d always been political. So clearly she knew that."

She adds: “I started writing a book on Spanish design architecture, so I was busy, and I think my stock was rising at the time. The recruiter was very prominent in CND, which I supported.”

After Coad was told about the CIA connection "it began to drop into place," she says. Coad then looked up the recruiter who had moved on from CND to PR firm Saatchi & Saatchi, which has funded the BAP. 

“I thought, ‘that’s interesting, a bit of a leap from what they were doing before’. I thought it was very strange that they would go from CND to working for a right-wing advertising agency, so it rang true, and I believed it.””
Emma Dent Coad
Matt Kennard
Marjorie Thompson


Known members

37 of the 271 of the members already have pages here:

Rushanara AliUK Labour MP on the executive committee of the British-American Project.
Yasmin Alibhai-BrownBritish establishment Muslim journalist.
John BellingerA spook/lawyer representing the more patient and more PR-friendly approach to Empire
Janet BloomfieldChair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the 1990s; member of the British-American Project
John BrademasUS politician
Nick ButlerAcademic founder of the British-American Project
Peter CarringtonUK Deep politician. Bilderberg chairman. President of the Pilgrims Society. Secretary General of NATO. Chairman of the UK Conservative Party. Busy guy.
Shami ChakrabartiInterestingly connected UK lawyer who was a long time director of Liberty, a UK civil liberties advocacy organisation.
Mark DurkanWEF NI politician who voted to support mandatory Covid certification
Colleen GraffyUS spook and propagandist
Jane HillOne of the main presenters for BBC News. Director of the British-American Project 2006-2009.
Steve HiltonBritish political adviser, member of the Notting Hill Set
Julia Hoggett
Frederick KempeSpook and deep state actor
Sadiq Khan
Linda LeSourd LaderThe wife of Philip Lader, the corporate networker and former US ambassador to the UK. Advised President Clinton on personal issues pertaining to religion.
Philip LaderUS Ambassador to the UK 1997-2001
Anatol LievenChair of International Relations and Terrorism Studies at deep state King's College London
Cristopher Lincoln-Jones
Michael MaclayFormer British diplomat and journalist with lots of spooky connections. Early member of the British American Project, recruited by Robert Maxwell and Lord Weidenfeld to their projects, director at Hakluyt, advisor to Carl Bildt...
Peter MandelsonSupranational deep state operative. Bilderberg, TLC, Ditchley etc.
Lucy MarcusBritish business journalist who has written for Project Syndicate, BBC and Reuters
Vidal Martinez
Alan MendozaExecutive Director of The Henry Jackson Society
George MitchellLe Cercle
Diana Villiers Negroponte
Jeremy PaxmanBroadcaster for the BBC. He has been involved with the British-American Project.
George RobertsonBilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO with unknown deep political connections.
Patricia Scotland
Nigel Sheinwald
Bob Stewart
Marjorie ThompsonChairwoman of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament with next job in Margaret Thatcher's favorite PR-agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Suspected of working with the CIA. British-American Project.
David Trimble
Adair TurnerFront man for George Soros-initiatives.
Charles VilliersUK businessman, Chair of British Steel Corporation from 1976 till 1980.
David Willetts
Paul WolfowitzAn "architect" of the invasion of Iraq, World Bank President


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