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Lobster Magazine was started
The year in which the word "terrorism" was mainstreamed in the US.

1983 was an important year in the discussion of "terrorism". Although never defined, the word began to be used by Ronald Reagan.[1]

1983 Beirut barracks bombings

Full article: 1983 Beirut barracks bombings

The Beirut barracks bombings, which claimed the lives of over 200 US troops, were a seed change in the US discourse on "terrorism"; after the event, the word came to be widely used to describe US foreign policy, and it was retroactively applied to earlier actions. This echoed the formerly special of the term by Israel.[1]

Lobster Magazine

Full article: Lobster Magazine

In 1983, Robin Ramsay and Stephen Dorril began a magazine on the subject of deep politics. By 1987, Ramsay had attracted the attentions of an MI5 agent.[2]



Operation Paperclip
Cold War
The Troubles
Operation Condor
1980s Afghan war
Iran-Iraq war
Brabant Massacres
1982 Lebanon War
Symposium on the Role of Special Operations in US Strategy for the 1980s
Le Cercle/1983 (Bonn)
Korean Air Lines Flight 007

New Groups

United States Central CommandOfficial CENTCOM Seal.png1983 - PresentMilitary
Resistance InternationalGroup.png1983 - 1988
National Audit OfficeGroup.png1983 - Present
Centre for European Policy StudiesGroup.png1983 - Present
Centre for Research into Post-Communist EconomiesGroup.png1983 - PresentThink Tank
British-Israel Public Affairs CommitteeGroup.png1983 - 1999Lobby
GeoMiliTech Consultants CorporationGroup.png15 August 1983 - PresentCommercial

New Website

Lobster MagazineLobster.png1983 - Presenthttp://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/Parapolitics, contemporary history and politics, economics and economic politics, conspiracy theories and the contemporary conspiracist subculture.