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Robert F. Kennedy Assassination.jpg
A dying Robert F. Kennedy just after winning the California primary election
The year in which the cabal carried out two high profile assassinations: MLK and RFK, successfully duping the US public into believing that they were the work of a pair of "lone nuts".

1968 has been called "a year like no other", which featured "killings and unprecedented rioting around the [US] nation and the world.[1] It was also an important year in the evolution of Le Cercle, which after 15 years of being an exclusively European deep state milieu had its meeting on American soil on 6th December.[2]

Cabal Assassinations

Growing ware resistance continued to worry an increasingly nervous cabal, who were profiing massively from the Vietnam War. In 1968 they carried out two political assassinations of public figures, securing an official narrative which blamed "lone nut"patsies. Almost a decade later, these verdicts were questioned by the Church Committee and the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Robert F. Kennedy

Full article: Robert F. Kennedy/Assassination

Even as US Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy' realised that he was unable to unmask his brother's killers. Accordingly, his plan was to become president and then use the presidential authority to try to discover and expose JFK's killers. However, he himself was assassinated just after winning the California primary elections.

Martin Luther King

Full article: Martin Luther King/Assassination
Witnesses point in the direction of the assassin as King lies at their feet.

The Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, obviously a man of integrity who could not be bought off or intimidated by the cabal. His huge popularity represented a real danger to the cabal, who spied on and threatened him. As he wrote in favour of a universal income and economic justice the feeling grew that he must eliminated grew amongst the cabal members. As with the RFK assassination King's murder was declared to be work of a "lone nut" - a verdict which in 1999 was overruled in a historic civil trial, where a 12 man jury unanimously pronounced that King was murder by a conspiracy involving unspecified " [US] governmental agencies".[3]

Vietnam War

Full article: Vietnam War
General Nguyen Ngoc Loan, head of South Vietnam’s police and intelligence, executing a prisoner in 1968.

1968 was the most deadliest year of the Vietnam war in terms of US servicemen, with 16,592 recorded deaths.[4]

Prague Spring

Prague spring.jpg
Prague spring2.jpg



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New Groups

ManTech International CorporationManTech International Corporation.jpg1968 - Present
MI5/K BranchGroup.png1968 - PresentIntelligence agency
Special Demonstration SquadGroup.png1968 - PresentAn undercover police group to infiltrate UK protest groups
Reason FoundationReasonlogo.jpg1968 - PresentThink tank
Grey WolvesGrey Wolves logo.png1968 - Present
Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous DrugsGroup.png8 April 1968 - Present

Groups that were Wound Up

Federal Bureau of NarcoticsGroup.png14 June 1930 - 8 April 1968
Operation 40Porter Goss, Barry Seal, Felix Rodriguez, et al.jpgMarch 1960 - 1968Hit squadA CIA-run assassination squad begun with Fidel Castro in mind, but that had its fingers in a lot of pies, probably including the JFK Assassination.


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