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Publication.png Berlingske Tidende 
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Conservative Danish newspaper

Berlingske, previously known as Berlingske Tidende is a Danish national daily newspaper based in Copenhagen.

The paper has a conservative stance. The paper is also one of the "big three" broadsheet-quality newspapers in Denmark along with Jyllands-Posten and Politiken. Traditionally describing itself as a broadsheet, Berlingske has been published in the tabloid/compact format since 28 August 2006.[1]

Following a long period of ownership by the Berling family, the whole Berlingske-group was acquired in 1982 by a group of investors from the Danish corporate establishment including Danske Bank and especially A.P. Møller Mærsk. Other "rescuers" included Kristian Mogensen, Olav Grue, Ole Scherfig, Tage Andersen and Olav Engell. This takeover saved the group from an impending bankruptcy caused by a long strike period as well as dwindling circulation and advertising revenues.

In 2000, Berlingske Media was acquired by the Norwegian industrial conglomerate Orkla Group; the Danish organization was integrated within a multinational Orkla Media group. In 2006 Orkla Media was sold to the British Mecom Group.[2]

In January 2011, the newspaper's title was abbreviated to Berlingske following a large-scale redesign of the newspaper's web and digital presence.[3]

In February 2015, Berlingske was acquired by the family-owned Belgian media company De Persgroep together with the rest of Mecom Group.[4]

Editor's declaration

Berlingske Media requires a statement that all employed editors must sign when being hired. It was first written down on 5 November 1948, and according to Berlingske Media itself must be an expression of the owners' willingness to defend freedom of expression and ensure the house's editors' editorial independence. The Editor's statement include the passage[5]:

In accordance with these traditions, the Berlin magazines are led in a national and democratic spirit, in reverence for Christianity and in fidelity to the fatherland and monarchy.

The basic view of the magazines is conservative. They are not and should not be bound by affiliation with any political party. The editorial staff is in all respects free to appreciate the phenomena of public life, when moderation is observed and good tone is observed, just as honesty and versatility are required when informing readers.

The precondition for the press' activity in the service of the public is the freedom of expression applicable to democratic state and people's societies, and the management of the Berlingske newspapers will, by all available means, seek to protect it from attack, from whichever side they may come.

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