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Apartment bombing.jpg
The wreckage of an apartment bombing in Russia.
1999 saw Russia's 9/11, with Vladimir Putin at the helm of the KGB, as a casus belli of the Chechen War.

Death of Steve Kangas

Steve Kangas.jpg

On 6th February 1999, Steve Kangas died of a gunshot wound to the head under unclear circumstances.[1] He was a former spook and a pioneer of internet activism, exposing the cabal through his activities on usenet. Many believe he was murdered by the cabal in an an effort to stem the rise of truth on the internet. It is believed that he was working on a book about CIA covert activities at the time of his death.[2]

Russian apartment bombings

Full article: Rated 4/5 Russian apartment bombings

In September 1999, a series of bombs were set off to destroy apartments in Russia. They were blamed on Chechen separatists. The bombings ceased after FSB officers were spotted placing explosives in the basement of a building in Ryazan. The Russian official narrative becomes confused and self-contradictory at this point. The Duma, on a pro-Kremlin party-line vote, voted to seal all materials related to the Ryazan incident for the next 75 years and forbade an investigation into what happened. Various dissidents have suffered sudden deaths since the event.



Al-Yamamah arms deal
Saville Inquiry
Le Cercle/1999 (London)
Le Cercle/1999 (Washington)
Russian apartment bombings

New Groups

Financial Stability ForumGroup.png1999 - 2009
Public Interest LawyersPublic Interest Lawyers.png1999 - 2016Commercial
National Public Order Intelligence UnitGroup.pngMarch 1999 - Present
Broadcasting Board of GovernorsBroadcasting Board of Governors logo.jpg1 October 1999 - PresentPropaganda
Worshipful Company of Security ProfessionalsWcosp-coat-of-arms.png18 November 1999 - Present

New Websites

What Really HappenedWhat Really Happened.jpg1999 - Presenthttp://whatreallyhappened.com
The Black VaultThe Black Vault.png1999 - Presenthttp://www.theblackvault.comA source of FOIAed US government documents

Groups that were Wound Up

GECGroup.png1886 - 1999Weapons manfacturer
British-Israel Public Affairs CommitteeGroup.png1983 - 1999Lobby


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