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1998 United States embassy bombings.jpg

United States embassy bombings

Full article: Stub class article 1998 United States embassy bombings

Two bombs killed 224 people and injured about 4000. Colin Powell remarked soon after that the bombings were "the cost of doing business".[1]

Plan Colombia

Plan Colombia.jpg
Full article: Stub class article Plan Colombia

Plan Colombia was a major development in the "War on Drugs", establishing a beachhead in South America, which the CIA was to use to facilitate shipping of cocaine to the USA. Although officially announced as a measure to decrease cocaine production and export to the US, on its announcement, Peter Dale Scott predicted that increased involvement of the US military would have an entirely opposite effect. His prediction, that the amount of cocaine produced and exported would increase, proved correct.



The Troubles1966 - 1998
Al-Yamamah arms dealSeptember 1985 - August 2006
Operation Mass Appeal1990 - 2003
Le Cercle/1998 (Istanbul)1998
Saville Inquiry1998 - 24 March 2010
Plan Colombia1998 - Present
Bilderberg/199814 May 1998 - 17 May 1998
1998 United States embassy bombings7 August 1998
Omagh bombing15 August 1998

New Groups

International Holocaust Remembrance AllianceInternational Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.png1998 - PresentIntergovernmental organization
National Crime SquadGroup.png1998 - Present
Middle East Media Research InstituteMiddle East Media Research Institute.gif1998 - Present501(c)(3) non-profit
UBSUBS logo.svg1998 - Present
15 (UK) Psychological Operations GroupGroup.png1998 - PresentMilitary
A UK army psyop group.
Panel 2000Group.png1 April 1998 - Present

New Websites

StartPageStartPage.png1998 - Presenthttps://startpage.com
Radio4All.netRadio4All.gif1998 - Presenthttp://www.Radio4All.netThe internet's first site to permit free up and download of MP3s, now has over 70,000 MP3s available for download, including a lot of independently produced radio shows on political topics
Focal Point PublicationsFPP.gif10 January 1998 - Presenthttp://www.fpp.co.uk/The personal website and blog of British historian David Irving
World Socialist Web SiteWsws.png22 January 1998 - Presenthttp://www.wsws.org/en/The World Socialist Web Site is published by the International Committee of the Fourth International, the leadership of the world socialist movement, the Fourth International founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938.
Institute for Historical ReviewIHRlogo.gif13 March 1998 - Presenthttp://www.ihr.orgWebsite of The Institute for Historical Review, a research and publishing organisation concerned especially with continuing research and critical examination of the established official narratives of the two 20th century world wars.

A Group that was Wound Up

Executive OutcomesExecutive Outcomes.jpg1989 - 31 December 1998Commercial
A private military contractor which offered "Security management" and "full-service risk management consulting". It operated during the 1990s and boasted 500 military advisers and over 3000 military personnel, largely drawn from the South African Civil Cooperation Bureau.