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MottoPursuing the Unknown


Related Quotation

Julia Gillard“Through the influence of her 'Middle East Advisor', Bruce Wolpe, Gillard had already begun unravelling a number of Australian votes on UN General Assembly resolutions on Palestine in order to appease the far-right Jewish lobby in Melbourne. When I was prime minister and foreign minister, Australia's voting profile on Israel had changed from one of unquestioning compliance with US and Israeli interests, to one which was much more aligned with British voting patterns in the UN. Our votes were still more sympathetic to Israel than those of the rest of Europe. But this was not good enough for Gillard. The far-right Jewish lobby in Melbourne wanted to go back to the good old days of the Howard government. And Gillard wanted to deliver. This would be coordinated through her loyal operative Wolpe to ensure that Australia would once again join the likes of the US, Palau and maybe two or three other Pacific micro-states, in voting against UN General Assembly resolutions that were critical of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. It was no surprise that Gillard would later be awarded, together with Abbott, an honorary doctorate at an Israeli university for her services to the cause. The only problem was that these were not services to Australia's cause. They were services to the Israeli Government's cause under prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his total opposition to the establishment of a Palestinian state.”Julia Gillard
Kevin Rudd


Employee on Wikispooks

Ariel LeviteHead of the project on Israeli security at the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies


Alumni on Wikispooks

Jonathan Adiri12 February 1982IsraelDeep state operative
Spooky Israeli digital healthcare businessman who previously worked in national security think tank
Avner Cohen1951Israel
Jonathan DavisSoldier
"Terror expert"
Gadi EiskenotSoldier
Gilad Erdan30 September 1970IsraelDiplomat
Israeli Spook and Ambassador at the UN
Rita Katz1963Researcher
Ariel LeviteIsraeli?Spook
Israeli nuclear expert and war hawk who attended Bilderberg/2012, where one of the subjects was "What Can the West Do about Iran?". Works for Carnegie Endowment.
Amnon Lipkin-Shahak18 March 194419 December 2012IsraelSpook
Tamir Pardo1953Spook
Ophir Pines-Paz11 July 1961PoliticianIsraeli politician who in 2010 announced he was retiring from politics and leaving the Labor Party, which he said "had abandoned its values over the past 15 years".
Itamar Rabinovich1942IsraelDiplomatIsrael Ambassador to the US back in the 1990s, attended the 2012 Bilderberg
Alina RomanowskiUSDiplomat
US spook/diplomat with long experience in counterterrorism.
Ariel Sharon26 February 192811 January 2014Soldier
Prime Minister of Israel (2001 to 2006).
Ehud Yaari1 March 1945Academic
Poju Zabludowicz6 April 1953Billionaire
London-based billionaire who has funded the Conservative Friends of Israel
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