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Concept.png Socialite 
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A socialite is a person, typically a woman from a wealthy and possibly aristocratic background, who is prominent in high society.



Page nameDescription
Tamara BeckwithEnglish socialite in Epstein's black book.
Debbie von BismarckBritish socialite listed in Jeffrey Epstein's black book. Holidays with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Gottfried von BismarckBullingdon Club member who was noted for his flamboyant lifestyle.
Hermine de Clermont-TonnerreFrench socialite in Epstein's black book.
Marla FairweatherBritish socialite and ambassadors wife; in Jeffrey Epstein/Black book
Lady Bird JohnsonTurned $41,000 investment into more than $150 million
Lily SafraWidow of Edmond Safra
Wallis SimpsonMarried King Edward VIII in 1936. Ties to Italian intelligence.
Blaine TrumpAmerican socialite and philanthropist; member of the Trump family


An official example

Ghislaine Maxwell
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