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Person.png LeonieRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Born2007 or 2008
Died26 June 2021 (Age 13)
Vienna, Austria
Victim of • murder
• open borders
InterestsCorporate media/Censorship
A 13 year old Austrian girl who was brutally murdered by migrants in June 2021. Coverage of her death was minimal due to a media blackout.

Leonie was a 13 year old Austrian girl who was raped and murdered by four Afghan migrants in June 2021.


Leonie lived in Vienna, the capital city of Austria.


A screenshot of Google Streetview; showing the crime scene. Leonie's body was found by the tree next to the street sign in the centre of the picture.

Pedestrians discovered a dead body on a grass verge on Viktor-Kaplan-Strasse in Vienna-Donaustadt. The body was rolled up inside a carpet and leaning up against a tree, and was marked with numerous bruises and bruises. One article described the body as an 18 year old.[1]

Her brutal murder was not well covered by local media, and not reported on at all by the national or European media. The police did not release many details.

Her murderers were Afghan migrants with criminal records, who were living in Austria due to the Open borders policy. This was only revealed by the Österreich newspaper, which investigated the case and revealed the Afghan nationality of Leonie's murderers. As a result of this, a group of feminist protestors broke into the newspapers office, accusing the company of "racism".[2]

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