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Place.png Arkansas
(US State)
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Arkansas is a US state.


Full article: Mena

Mena is a small town in Polk County, Arkansas. It was a central drug delivery hub used by the Enterprise whose operations imported cocaine from South America and as a source of flights used to deliver weapons to Nicaragua during Iran-Contra.[1]


Bill Clinton, a member of the US Deep State, afforded legal protection to the CIA cocaine trafficking through Mena, Arkansas, first as Arkansas Attorney General, then as Governor of Arkansas.

Clinton was also deeply in the pocket of the Dixie Mafia, organized crime that has a strong grip on the state government. The beginnings of the long Clinton body count started in Arkansas.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs, Arkansas has mostly been known for being President Bill Clinton’s hometown. Before Clinton, Hot Springs was known for being one of the centers of organized crime in the United States. In fact, at one point, it was known as the largest illegal gambling operation in the country.[2]

After the Civil War, the town of Hot Spings adopted an open gaming stance that allowed dozens of casinos to prosper. In the 1920’s and 1930’s, Reno and Chicago casino owners like Bill Graham and Al Capone owned a piece of the action. Chicago gangster Al Capone was also known to hide out in Hot Springs. He maintained a year-round suite at the Arlington Hotel. He was also known to “import” local Hot Springs moonshine to his Chicago nightclubs during prohibition.[2]


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