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Group.png Media Diversity Institute  
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FounderMilica Pesic
Interests“hate speech”, “extremism”
Sponsored bySigrid Rausing Trust
Founded in February 2019 with a style and choice of main partners that look remarkably like the Integrity Initiative.

The Media Diversity Institute is a London based non-governmental organisation working with the corporate media with the mission to promote "responsible journalism".[1]


The Media Diversity Institute is mentioned in the Integrity Initiative Leak.

Open Information Partnership

The Partnership was founded in February 2019 with a style and choice of main partners that look remarkably like the Integrity Initiative.

The Open Information Partnership is "a network of NGOs, charities, academics, thinktanks, journalists, factcheckers and activists and individuals across Europe working in open, independent, fact-based reporting in response to the rising tide of manipulated information – in the news, on social media and across our public discourse" – "which OIP believe to be an existential threat to democracy."

MDI's project partners are Bellingcat, Atlantic Council, the Zinc Network and the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

In an instance of projection, despite working with murky funding, hidden motives and not fully disclosed NGO partners, they claim "we need to know where our information is coming from, we need to know the motives (good, bad or neither) of those providing the information, and we need to be in the habit of thinking critically about everything we read and hear." [2]


The MDI is funded mostly by Western governments, like the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the UK Department for International Development,The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Council of Europe,the Eurasia Foundation (which is funded by USAID), the European Commission,the European Cultural Foundation,the Swedish International Cooperation Development Agency,the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, plus some private foundations of varying degree of closeness to the government, like the Open Society Institute,the US Freedom Forum, the, Norwegian Union of Journalists,Sigrid Rausing Trust, the Westminster Foundation for Democracy[3]


Related Quotation

Zinc Network“Bringing together organisations including Zinc Network, the Institute for Statecraft, Aktis Strategy, Bellingcat, DFR Lab, the Media Diversity Institute, Toro Risk Solutions and Ecorys, our Consortium combines recognised market leaders in understanding, monitoring, and countering Kremlin-backed disinformation... This ecosystem of credible voices will continue to grow, exposing the actors and networks behind Kremlin-backed disinformation, reducing unwitting multipliers of disinformation, and building resilience amongst key target audiences across Europe.

We will mobilise a Network Hub based in London, led by an experienced Project Director, consisting of an agile team with core competencies augmented by a wider pool of vetted experts. Our approach is highly localised, based around regional clusters of actors who can collaborate to effectively undermine the disinformation

ecosystem in their respective areas and engage audiences most vulnerable to disinformation... It is a highly complex project involving coordination of many independent actors, and thus risk must be carefully managed and risk profiles constantly adapted, serving as the basis for all activity. The approach we propose is based on the identification, monitoring and management of risks as they materialise, allowing members to continue taking smart risks as they increase the scale and impact of their activities.”


Sigrid Rausing Trust
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