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Group.png NewsGuard
(Propaganda, Mass surveillanceTwitter WebsiteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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NewsGuard warns that RT is unreliable
Founder• Steven Brill
• Gordon Kravitz
InterestsFake news
Sponsored byPublicis Groupe, US/Air Force
Membership• Don Baer
• John Battelle
• Silvia Bencivelli
• Yves Clarisse
• Arne Duncan
• Alina Fichter
• Giampiero Gramaglia
• Michael Hayden
• Leo Hindery Jr
• Elise Jordan
• Jessica Lessin
• Anders Fogh Rasmussen
• Tom Ridge
• Richard Sambrook
• Richard Stengel
• Brigitte Trafford
• Ed Vaizey
• Jimmy Wales
A tech company which is teaming up with Microsoft as regards "fake news"

NewsGuard is a company which purports to tackle "disinformation" through its browser extension.


“A new app claiming to serve as a bulwark against "disinformation" by adding "trust rankings" to news websites has links to a PR firm that received nearly $15 million to push pro-Saudi spin in US media, Breitbart reports. NewsGuard and its shady advisory board – consisting of truth-lovers such as Tom Ridge, the first-ever homeland security chief, and former CIA director Michael Hayden – came under scrutiny after Microsoft announced that the app would be built into its mobile browsers. A closer examination of the company's publicly listed investors, however, has revealed new reasons to be suspicious of this self-declared crusader against propaganda. As Breitbart discovered, NewsGuard's third-largest investor, Publicis Groupe, owns a PR firm that has repeatedly airbrushed Saudi Arabia.”
Anonymous (29 January 2019)  [1]


Breitbert notes that "WikiLeaks, which has never had to retract a story due to false or misleading information, is also given a “red” rating in contrast to the "green" which it gives to BuzzFeed, which was recently humiliated for publishing alleged details about the ongoing Mueller investigation that were contradicted by the spe[c]ial prosecutor himself. BuzzFeed did not retract the story, and even led with it on its frontpage … after Mueller contradicted it."[2]

Uncritical usage by Wikipedia

Whitney Webb described in 2019 How a Small Group of Pro-Israel Activists Blacklisted MintPress on Wikipedia. The article describes, among other things, how Wikipedia cited Mint Press News' unfavourable rating from Newsguard, "several months after MintPress authored a viral exposè of Newsguard’s connections to neoconservatives and former government officials, including former CIA director Michael Hayden."[3]

Tracking users

For each site someone with Newsguard installed visit, there will be a connection to "http://api.newsguardtech[.]com/check/[hostname of visited site]". The result will be cached locally for at most 30 minutes. The gathered information include the hostname of the site loaded in the current tab - i.e. more browsing history leakage.[4]

"NewsGuard" will get this information:

  • The sites you visit
  • When you visited these sites, +- 30 minutes, or with better accuracy if you open the extension's popup panel
  • Your public IP address
  • Your browser, OS, language (through HTTP headers)


NewsGuard was awarded a $749,387 contract by the US Air Force (September 7, 2021 – December 8, 2022) fir a "Misinformation Fingerprints" program aimed at combating "misinformation". NewsGuard also has disclosed that they received $25,000 from the US State Department and the US Cyber Command in 2020.[5][6]


NewsGuard's Advisory Board as of May 2020[7].


Known members

8 of the 18 of the members already have pages here:

John BattelleHelped launch Wired in the 1990s. Young Global Leaders. On the Advisory Board of the CIA-front NewsGuard
Arne DuncanEducational bureaucrat; United States Secretary of Education under 7 years of Obama.
Michael HaydenUS Spook, NSA Director 1999-2005, CIA Director 2006-2009, News Guard advisory board
Anders Fogh RasmussenBilderberger, ex Danish PM, ex-Secretary General of NATO.
Richard Sambrook
Richard StengelChief Propagandist
Ed VaizeyUK politician, Merton College Oxford, Henry Jackson Society, NewsGuard/Advisory Board, Notting Hill Set
Jimmy WalesFounder of super-influential Wikipedia. Tony Blair aide's is (strategically?) married to him.



Publicis GroupeFrench multinational advertising and public relations company
US/Air Force
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