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InterestsDrug epidemic, “Pandemic”
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The set of drug companies, supposedly in competition with one another, but who have interlocking interests and personnel, and who operate a revolving door with their supposed regulatory agencies, now long since captured.

Big pharma is a shorthand for referring to the large pharmaceutical companies.


Advertising and marketing is so important to big pharma that "9 out of the top 10 industry leaders spend more on marketing than on research and development".[1]

Legal cases of note

Those who are adversely affected by medications, even when not warned about them on the label, were determined in a 5-4 decision by the US Supreme Court not to be liable to financial compensation.[2]


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Big Pharma spends much more on governmental lobbying and on "public relations" than any other industry.[3]



Page nameDescription
Alliance for Biosecurity
Baxter InternationalA multi-billion dollar transnational corporation which is of interest as regards emerging diseases and vaccines.
Bayer AGOwner of Monsanto
Eli LillyPsyciatric drugs,Prozac, MKUltra...
Emergent BioSolutionsa pharma company with deep state connections
Gilead Sciencesa pharma company with deep state connections
Henry Schein
Hoffmann-La Roche
Insys TherapeuticsBig pharma that promoted opioids
Johnson & Johnson
MerckBig pharma with a long rap sheet of unethical practices
Merck & Co.
Operation Warp Speedextremely sinister vaccine project
Purdue Pharma
Randox Laboratories
Searle PharmaceuticalsTaken over by Monsanto in 1985.


Related Quotation

Event 201“[M]y team has been monitoring the public response. And on various social media channels and cable networks, there's been some conspiracy theories that are around about the potential that pharmaceutical companies or the UN have released this for their own benefit... if conspiracy theories like this come up already, so we are on the edge of hysterical reactions.”18 October 2019


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