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Advertising is used by corporations to try to increase or create people's desire to purchase their products


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Subverted advertising, a.k.a. subvertising, is advertising which has been subtly changed so as to preserve the form of the original advert, but which modifies (generally reversis) is function. Illegal in many jurisdictions, it is usually carried out covertly.


In 2015, the world spent an estimate of US$590 billion on advertising.[citation needed]


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Robert McChesney“By three months old, 40 percent of infants watch screen media regularly; by two years, 90 percent do. By her third birthday, the average American child recognizes one hundred brand logos. The typical child is exposed to forty thousand screen ads per year. Children know the names of more branded characters than of real animals. By her tenth birthday, the average American child knows three hundred to four hundred brands. Research shows over and over that preschoolers will overwhelmingly think advertised products, branded products, are superior even when the actual contents are identical.”Robert McChesney
Robert W. McChesney


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