Georges Albertini

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Person.png Georges Albertini  Rdf-icon.png
Born 13 May 1911
Chalon-sur-Saôn, France
Died 30 March 1983 (Age 71)
Paris, France
Nationality French
Member of Le Cercle, The 61


Georges Albertini went to school with Georges Pompidou.

World War II

Formerly a pacifist socialist, just before World War II, Albertini became a fascist. He worked for the Vichy government to such an extent that after the war he was originally sentenced to death, but this was reduced to 5 years of forced labor and an additional 5 years of regular jail, and in the event he was released prematurely.

Deep politics

Brian Crozier reports that he attended Le Cercle.


Event Participated in

Le Cercle/1980 (Washington)5 December 1980 - 7 December 1980Madison Hotel
Washington DC


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