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Concept.png Libertarianism 
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An ideology that opposes authoritarianism.

Libertarianism is an political ideology and movement. The main concept is Liberty.






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Whitney BilyeuAmerican Libertarian, serving as Chair of the Libertarian National Committee.
Caryn Ann HarlosAmerican Libertarian, serving as secretary of the Libertarian National Committee.
Health Freedom
Tyler Lindholm


Related Quotation

Peter Thiel“I believe that it is always important to exchange views with people, no matter what their perspectives are. I think we have a lot of problems in our society and we need to be finding ways to talk to people. We need to find ways to talk to people where not everything is completely transparent. Libertarianism is not synonymous with radical transparency. That’s often an argument that Stasi would make in East Germany, when everything had to be monitored by society. And I think you have the best conversations in smaller groups where not everything is being monitored. That’s how you can have very honest conversations and you can think better about the future.”Peter Thiel2016


An official example

Jack Dorsey