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Group.png Logic Industries
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FounderMati Kochavi
HeadquartersKibbutz Yakum, Israel

Logic Industries is a secretive company founded by Mati Kochavi, reported to produce security software.[1]


The group's linkedin page reports "Logic is a public-safety and security company that offers innovative products and fully integrated turnkey solutions, based on multi-dimensional, holistic approaches that include physical and virtual security, business continuity, operational efficiency, and risk management – all backed by comprehensive, operational intelligence and data analysis components. The brightest minds in the public safety and security fields have combined their extensive conceptual and operational experience with a strong foundation of in-house research and development to create our products and solutions. These solutions, which employ cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated analytics, currently operate in some of the largest, most important energy production facilities, transportation hubs, borders- and urban centers in the world. Logic's products and solutions confront new challenges, ensure that everyday life continues uninterrupted, keep businesses resilient and efficient, and assist societies to continue to prosper. Our company employs a modular, integrated suite of products that automates the methods and techniques that clients use in their daily planning and operational environments. This cost-effective suite provides a rapid return on investment with a solution portfolio for every vertical. Our team of world class and leading experts combine their extensive applied knowledge and experience in the safety and security industries with cutting edge research and development activities. These activities emphasize big data analysis, analytics, mathematics, statistics, engineering, sensors and software development in the creation of innovative, leading products and solutions that place Logic at the forefront of the Safety and Security industry, and make Logic one of the most advanced and fastest growing companies of its kind in the world."[2]

Falcon Eye

Israel AUAE relationship.jpg


In December 2014, Richard Silverstein reported about the company, citing "a confidential Israeli source". He reported that had told him that the group was supplying "the infrastructure of a national security state. Everything that is needed to control a population from within and protect its security from without" to Abu Dhabi. He noted that Israel had opened "a secret military liaison office in UAE to coordinate security strategy against Iran".[1]

2015 Layoffs

In May 2015, Globes reported that its "main customer" was "a Persian Gulf country". It continued by reporting that "three months ago, Logic announced that it was reducing its work force by 50%, and laid off 250 employees. When delivery of the project is completed in the next two months, the company will lay off most of its remaining staff."[4]

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