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A Lebanese-based daily newspaper

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"Your foreign correspondent in the Middle East"
Started: 14 August 2006

Owner: Ibrahim Al Amine  (Editor in Chief)
In its own words:
"On August 14 2006, Beirut-based Al-Akhbar was launched as a “calculated adventure” by prominent Lebanese journalist Joseph Samaha and a team of like-minded colleagues. The late Samaha (1949-2007) envisioned a publication that would uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity while remaining true to the principles of anti-imperialist struggle, progressive politics, and freedom of expression.

Five years later, Al-Akhbar embarks on another calculated adventure amid a period of historic significance in the region - the year of the Arab uprisings. By providing much-needed in-depth reporting on the uprisings and other news in the region, Al-Akhbar English will reflect the diverse and dynamic realities that make up the communities undergoing these transformations. The English edition also aims to make debates and analyses circulating in the Arabic media sphere accessible to English speakers worldwide. Al-Akhbar depends on young and creative writers that challenge conventional forms of reporting and aspires to speak truth to power. Al-Akhbar English intends to preserve this tradition by translating selected articles from the Arabic edition for an international readership.

The site also features original content of opinion, analysis, and field stories as well as photo blogs chronicling the latest developments across the Middle East."

Language: Arabic


Documents sourced from Al Akhbar English

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:"Security Arc" forms amidst Mideast terrorarticle2011 Syrian Insurgency21 December 2013Sharmine NarwaniDeeply perceptive analysis of the developing situation in Syria and the wider Middle East from Sharmine Narwani
Document:Bandar ibn IsraelarticleFalse flag
2011 Syrian Insurgency
Bandar bin Sultan
Saudi Arabia
28 August 2013Sharmine NarwaniThe collusion of Saudi Arabia's Bandar bin Sultan with Israel in acts of terrorist violence in the Middle East through 2013.
Document:Deal or No Deal, Iran's Stock Keeps RisingarticleIran20 November 2013Sharmine Narwani
Document:Questions Plague UN Report on SyriareportSyrian Chemical Weapons Attack
2011 Syrian Insurgency
23 September 2013Sharmine Narwani
Radwan Mortada

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