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Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) was launched in 2006 at the Shalem Center with "a generous gift from the Adelson Family Foundation" dedicated to examining "some of the most profound questions facing the Jewish state" which in its own words include:

  • how to advance freedom and democracy in the Middle East;
  • a re-examination of international law in the light of new forms of warfare and "terrorism";
  • the establishment of a credible deterrent against guerrilla and terror organizations and the states that sponsor them;
  • planning for the likely impact of political and social change on the future map of the Middle East;
  • the meaning of "stability" in a time of changing strategic realities;
  • the appropriate response to weapons of mass destruction;
  • the question of how Israel's Arab citizens can most effectively integrate into a Jewish state;
  • and the strengthening of Israel's relations with the United States.[1]





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