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Motto Justice, justice you shall pursue
Headquarters London, UK

Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) is a United Kingdom non-governmental organisation formed in August 2014 by members of the Anglo-Jewish community during a major Israeli offensive against Gaza.[1] It was registered as a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) on 1 October 2015.[2]

Protest demonstrations

There was massive opposition to the attack on Gaza among the British public; an estimated 150,000 people took to the streets of London in one protest. Such was the climate of opinion that Sayeeda Warsi, then a Foreign Office minister, resigned from the government, describing its support for Israel as “morally indefensible.”

For some time, there had been a constituency within British Zionists who felt that establishment groups such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews were not active enough in defending Israel.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism organised a demonstration outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London in late August 2014, which it claimed was 4,500 strong. Its purpose was to link the protests against the attack on Gaza to anti-Semitism.

Ephraim Mirvis, Britain’s Chief Rabbi, spoke at the event, as did Vivian Wineman, then president of the Board of Deputies. Wineman was loudly booed.[3]

CAA Chair

The CAA is chaired by Gideon Falter, who is also a board member of the Jewish National Fund which has a long history of supporting ethnic cleansing in Palestine. The aim of the CAA is to paint Palestine solidarity campaigning and opposition to Zionism as antisemitic. Its preferred McCarthyite tactic appears to be to target left-wing political activists, Corbyn supporters and journalists who are critical of Israel by abusing and smearing them with unsubstantiated allegations.[4][5][6]

Prime Ministerial praise

Prime Minister Theresa May has praised the CAA for its work,[7] and former Communities Secretary Sir Eric Pickles published an official statement in January 2015 welcoming the CAA's report on antisemitism.[8]


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