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FoundedSeptember 1843
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The Economist is a weekly magazine.


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In recent years, the editor has tended to attend the Bilderberg.


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On 8 February, The Economist published China’s rulers see the coronavirus as a chance to tighten their grip on the Chinese response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It began with the claim that "Officials are playing politics with the viral outbreak" and concluded that "Every crisis is a chance to strengthen the party’s grip. A virus is no exception."[1]


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Wikileaks during the United States presidential election of 2016 was concerned with the reporting of the Economist and its editorial oversight by Lynn Forester de Rothschild.[2][3][4] Criticism continued thereafter.[5][6]


A Quote by The Economist

Global Strategies Group“Global Risk Strategies was a two-man team until the invasion of Afghanistan. Now it has over 1,000 guards in Iraq — more than many of the countries taking part in the occupation—manning the barricades of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA). Last year it also won a $27m contract to distribute Iraq's new dinar.”March 2004


Related Quotation

Robert Malone“Many years ago, when I was working for the "Aereas Global Tuberculosis Vaccine Foundation", which was one of the early Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation nonprofit vaccine companies, the CEO hired a media consulting firm that mainly consisted of a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and a marketing manager. To ensure that favorable stories about the organization and its mission were printed, the "journalist" and the marketing specialist would consult with their clients and learn what story the organization wanted to be told in a major print publication. An article pushing the story would then be crafted, all of the necessary background assembled to meet whatever editorial review standards were likely to be encountered. Then this prebaked work would be fed to some "journalists" working for the targeted publication. My first "You're not in Kansas anymore" moment concerning modern journalism was when I saw this process used to "place" an article in The Economist, which I had naïvely believed operated as an independent arbiter of truth. Even then, I thought, - well, this can't be the norm, can it?”Robert Malone2022


Employees on Wikispooks

Helen AlexanderManaging Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit19931997
Helen AlexanderChief Executive of The Economist Group1997June 2008
Shashank JoshiDefence editor2018Attended 2022 Bilderberg
Tim JudahSpecial Correspondent1990
Graeme MaxtonRegional Director of the Economist Intelligence Unit20052007Later Club of Rome Secretary General
Xan SmileyEditor-at-large1992"Bagehot" and "Charlemagne" columnist. Attended spooky Le Cercle.
Donald TyermanDeputy Editor19391944
Adrian WooldridgeWashington Bureau Chief and Columnist20002021Including as Bagehot, Schumpeter and Lexington columnist. Witnessed a dozen Bilderberg meetings.


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