Edward Heathcoat Amory

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Born5 July 1967
Alma materEton, Bristol University
Parents • Michael FitzGerald Heathcoat Amory
• Harriet Mary Sheila Nye
SpouseAlice M. R. Thomson
Member ofNotting Hill Set
Notting Hill Set journalist

Edward FitzGerald Heathcoat Amory is a UK journalist and member of the Notting Hill Set.


Edward Heathcoat Amory was a political correspondent for the Daily Mail.

In 2010 Amory headlined an article Paranoid, anarchic... is WikiLeaks boss a force for good or chaos? which mentioned the "essential hypocrisy" of Julian Assange which concluded that "he himself operates amid a cult of secrecy, with no accountability to anyone. There is no doubt that the eccentric Assange has made himself a powerful force in the world today, but whether he is a force for good remains to be seen."[1]


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Leader of the Conservative Party“All Tory leaders have surrounded themselves with an inner circle, which has given them ballast and in certain important respects defined their leadership. John Major had a winning fondness for palpable fakes, like Jeffrey Archer and David Mellor; Margaret Thatcher liked hirsute North London entrepreneurs with a ‘can-do’ attitude and heavy jewellery. Michael Howard’s chosen milieu is constructed of dapper, well-spoken men and women, many of whom live within walking distance of one another in west London. Cameron is unmistakably the leader of these Notting Hill Tories, but others include Michael Howard’s political secretary Rachel Whetstone, his speechwriter Ed Vaizey, marketing expert Steve Hilton, policy man Nick Boles, along with the newspaper columnists Edward Heathcoat Amory and his wife Alice Thomson.”Peter Oborne19 June 2004
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