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Group.png 5Rights Foundation
(Charity, Censorship/lobbyTwitter WebsiteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
FounderBeeban Tania Kidro
HeadquartersLondon, UK, Brussels, Belgium
Leader5Rights Foundation/Director
Subpage5Rights Foundation/Director
Membership• Ansgar Koene
• Amani Abou-Zeid
• Anna Marie Corazza Bildt
• Manuel Costescu
• Elizabeth Denham
• Dorothy Gordon
• Mikiko Otani
• Peter Wanless
• Shoshana Zuboff
• Leanda Barrington-Leach
• Sonia Livingstone
Online censorship lobbyist, using the angle of "protecting the children". Secretive funding.

The "5Rights Foundationis an online censorship lobbyist, using the angle of "protecting the children". Its funding structure is secretive.

Own words

"5Rights Foundation exists to make systemic changes to the digital world to ensure it caters for children and young people, by design and default. We advocate for enforceable regulation and international agreements that allow children and young people to thrive online."[1]

In 2022, Henry Wales, the "Duke of Sussex", spoke at the launch of the 5Rights Foundation's Global Child Online Safety Toolkit over video link from his home in California. The duke hailed 5Rights' "ground-breaking work" in calling for a safer digital world for young people.[2]

The British-based Foundation sponsored, and most likely drafted the language, of a California AB 2273 "online safety" bill.[3]


Trustees as of 2024.[4]


The funding is not disclosed. A possible indication might be that trustee Manuel Costescu was Head of Investments at Open Society Foundation.

"We have many formal and informal partnerships with organisations and individuals who support our work in many different ways. We would not exist without the funding we receive from our core set of philanthropic organisations to carry out our work. We are grateful for the generous pro-bono support we receive from legal firms and communications agencies which enhances our work and organisation. We have many varied and invaluable partnerships with academics, regulators, the media, civil servants, other charities and international NGOs, all of whom make the 5Rights team far richer, broader and more impactful".<re>https://5rightsfoundation.com/about-us/signatories.html</ref>


Known member

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Shoshana Zuboff
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