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Event.png Le Cercle/1980 (Zurich)(Le Cercle/Meeting) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date28 June 1980 - 29 June 1980
LocationZurich,  Switzerland
ParticipantsColonel Botta, Brian Crozier, Graf Huyn, Fred Luchsinger, Iain Elliott
DescriptionOne of their shorter meetings, the minutes of which were in the Langemann Papers.

Le Cercle met in Zurich, Switzerland from 28-29 June, 1980.[1] This is one of their shorter meetings.


The Langemann Papers included this meeting's Minutes, which were published in Lobster#18:

1. The prospects for positive influence on the election campaign in favour of Strauss cannot be judged to be very favourable. While the many promotional influences in US, UK and Swiss newspapers were welcomed by their readers, their impact on the Federal Republic lagged far behind. Furthermore, it seems doubtful that Strauss will be able to match the dynamic foreign policy initiatives that Federal Chancellor Schmidt has been able to make. In contrast to the situation in the US, where President Carter is confronted with the shattered remains of his foreign policy - difficult to present favourably for the election campaign, even in part - Schmidt has understood how to make clear and prominent political steps which represent an achievable goal for the population's desire for peace. Luchsinger said that he was prepared to produce a series of three leading articles highlighting the tendency of current government policy in Bonn to weaken NATO. Crozier felt that similar steps could be tried again through Moss in London and the Baltimore Sun in the US.

2. Graf Huyn reported on his meeting with the head of the Saudi security service about the establishment of a short-wave radio transmitting towards the Soviet Union. The Saudis were interested, he said, and had guaranteed finance, on the condition that a situation such as that created in Moscow by Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty must be avoided at all cost.

3. A discussion was held about a series of appropriate measures to promote the electoral campaign of Presidential candidate Reagan against Carter. Elliott reported that in this context positive contact had been made with George Bush as well.

4. Colonel Botta stated that, in his opinion, support must be given to the Israeli intelligence service. It was noted that, as far as Europe was concerned, the efficiency of this service had diminished considerably.[1]


Known Participants

All 5 of the participants already have pages here:

Colonel BottaVery little known Cercle visitor.
Brian CrozierArch espionage insider who founded his own intelligence agency
Iain ElliotAssociate Director of Radio Liberty and also worked in other intelligence-connected organizations. Attended 3 meetings of Le Cercle
Hans Graf HuynGerman deep politician who attended Le Cercle
Fred LuchsingerNewspaper editor, Le Cercle
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