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Event.png Le Cercle/1980 (Washington)(Le Cercle/Meeting) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date5 December 1980 - 7 December 1980
LocationMadison Hotel,  Washington DC,  USA
ParticipantsGeorges Albertini, Giulio Andreotti, Franz Josef Bach, Alfredo Sánchez Bella, Jacques Chirac, Brian Crozier, François de Grossouvre, Donald Jameson, Franz Josef Strauss, [[..|...]]
DescriptionDetailed in a telegram to the South African Embassy in Madrid that was posted to the internet in 2017.

Le Cercle met in the Madison Hotel, Washington DC from 5-7 December 1980.


The meeting was detailed in a telegram to the South African Embassy in Madrid that was found on the internet in 2017. Some of the list of participants stems from that telegram in which they are referred to as "moontlike deelnemers" (=possible participants)[1], others from Brian Crozier's autobiography.[2]


Known Participants

9 of the 10 of the participants already have pages here:

Georges AlbertiniFrench deep state operative. Man-behind-the-scenes for many politicians.
Giulio Andreotti"The ultimate insider of Italian political life", who as Italian Prime Minister publicly confirmed the existence of Operation Gladio
Franz Josef BachA leading German member of the Cercle, who organised the 1982 meeting in Wildbad Kreuth.
Alfredo Sánchez BellaSpanish spook and possible deep politician
Jacques ChiracFrench PM. 2 year suspended sentence for embezzlement in 2011. His mayoral security assistant, Monique Garnier-Lançon, convened the French meetings of Le Cercle.
Brian CrozierArch espionage insider who founded his own intelligence agency
François de GrossouvreThe spook in charge of Operation Gladio in France.
Donald JamesonAttended multiple Cercle meetings and worked for the CIA. Vice-president of the Jamestown Foundation
Franz Josef StraußA deep politician and politician, a known attendee of Le Cercle, accused in connection with the Lockheed bribery scandals.
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