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(engineer, behavioral psychologist)
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Nantes, France
NationalitySpanish, French, US
Alma materLycée Français de Madrid, Comillas Pontifical University, École Centrale Paris, Stanford
behavioral psychologist who wrote the paper The Hammer & The Dance, which was used as a pretext to justify worldwide lockdowns in 2020.

Tomas-Alexandre Pueyo Brochard is an American engineer, behavioral psychologist and "storyteller"[1] who wrote the paper The Hammer & The Dance, which was used as a pretext to justify worldwide lockdowns in 2020.[2][3] Despite thus reaching "prominence", his Wikipedia article was deleted in December 2020.


Before he came to prominence in 2020, he had few works to his name. He was the author of "The Star Wars Rings", "an Amazon Best Seller that analyzes the storytelling patterns that underpin great stories such as Star Wars, Beowulf, and Harry Potter."[4]

In 2017, he held a TED talk on Why stories captivate, explaining how "Stories hack into our brain to hypnotize and influence us by following the same hidden blueprint, and how "we can use them as our secret weapon".[5]


In addition to writing, Pueyo worked as vice president for Course Hero, an online education platform which via the detour of GVS Capital[6] was co-financed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google and Microsoft. The worldwide lockdowns proved to be very beneficial for the corporate success of the platform. In December 2021, the value of the start-up was estimated at $3.6 billion. In the meantime, Pueyo was to work at Ankorstore as Chief Product Officer.[7] This company, founded in 2020, was already worth $2 billion at the time and saw itself as an opponent to mazon. According to his current Linkedin profile, his employment at Ankorstore ended in January 2024.[8]

His Wikipedia page was deleted in December 2020, as "not noteworthy enough"[9].

Hammer and Dance

"The Hammer and the Dance" was a scientific-looking graph purporting to show that be locking down hard, millions of lives would be saved by reducing the stress on the ICU wards.

Five texts by Pueyo were published on March 10, 2020. The first of these texts were translated into 30 languages and had over 40 million views already the same month.[10]

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