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(spook, whistleblower, drug smuggler, CIA/Drug trafficking/Premature death)
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BornEdward Philip Cutolo
November 4, 1931
New York City
DiedMay 26, 1980 (Age 48)
Scunthorpe, UK
Cause of death
car crash
ExposedOperation Watchtower
Victim ofassassination
A drug smuggler who named a lot of names about the CIA's drug trafficking, and who then died a sudden death, as did many of those he named.

Edward Philip Cutolo helped expose Operation Watchtower, in an affidavit which he produced in March 1980 that named names. He was killed later that year, reportedly in a car crash.


Cutolo was born in 1931.[1]


On 11th March, 1980, Colonel Edward Cutolo published a lengthy (86 point) affidavit exposing Operation Watchtower that was confirmed by retired Colonel William Wilson.[2]


He died, supposedly accidentally, in UK on 26 May 1980. According to an introduction of Paul Neri attached to the Cutolo affidavit [3], several of the names linked to the affidavit also suffered premature deaths. [4] Joel van der Reijden, who has carried out an analysis of dozens of CIA drug trafficking accusations [5], is of the opinion that the Cutolo affidavit involves a degree of manipulation in which code names and certain details most likely have been invented.[6]





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